Trader Joe's New Tangerine Ice Cream Bars Are Perfect For Summer

Instagram has praise for Trader Joes's newest summery treat: Tangerine Cream Bars. However, calling them "new" might be an error, according to at least one fan. The account Trader Joe's List is certain the popular grocery store chain resurrected the recipe for this "favorite summer dessert" from their childhood.

Here's what it is: Frozen tangerine sorbet surrounds vanilla ice cream on a stick, conjuring up creamsicle memories from our own childhoods. But the balance is slightly different, reports the Trader Joe's Obsessed Instagram account. It's heavier on the sorbet, they say, and lighter on the vanilla ice cream. (They say they would like a bit more of the high-quality vanilla ice cream in these Tangerine Cream Bars.) The account really likes the citrusy sorbet, however, noting it tastes just like Trader Joe's orange juice, only with just a bit of sweet tangerine flavor. The verdict from this account: 8/10 stars for these tangerine bars.

But these aren't the only summery sweet treats Trader Joe's has in store.

These are just some of Trader Joe's new summer treats

It looks like a lot of Trader Joe's fans might be pleased with the chain's summer offerings. The Instagram account Trader Joe's List notes, "Trader Joe's has really gone the extra mile with the frozen desserts this month." (This account also likes Trader Joe's Southern Peach Crisp Ice Cream, Trader Joe's Ube Ice Cream, Trader Joe's Non-Dairy Chocolate Fudge Oat Bars, and Trader Joe's Vegan Cookies and Cream Vanilla Bon Bons.) Followers chimed in with praise for the Tangerine Cream Bars, agreeing that they are "amazing" and "super yummy." A follower of Trader Joe's Obsessed had high praise for the bars and especially noted the softness of the vanilla ice cream.

Trader Joe's calls this nostalgic dessert "our favorite Bars on sticks for 2021." Fans can purchase these Tangerine Cream Bars for $2.99 for a box of 6 (total weight: 15 fluid ounces). A two-bar serving is 250 calories, but these bars look generous enough to be satisfying after just one.

We will definitely be snacking on these cool treats as the summer temperatures heat up, that's for sure!