The Truth About Megan Gill From Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns Season 1

Can Megan Gill win "Hell's Kitchen" ... again? No, wait ... strike that. Season 14 winner Meghan Gill is not making a return in Season 20 of the Gordon Ramsay cooking competition, which premieres May 31 on Fox (via Gold Derby). In fact, the new Megan Gill spells her first name without the "h," and she's a much newer player on the culinary scene. Meghan Gill followed her Season 14 win with a two-year stint at Ramsay's restaurant at Caesar's Palace in Atlantic City, according to her LinkedIn page. Megan Gill, contestant in the upcoming "Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns," would have still been in high school when Season 14 was filmed. Gill the younger, from Denton, Texas, was 23 when she participated in the making of Season 20 with 17 other chefs, all between the ages of 21 and 24. (Hence the show's subtitle, "Young Guns.")

Chefs usually come on shows such as "Hell's Kitchen" or "Top Chef" with impressive résumés, and many have already made headlines in food columns in their own communities. A lot of contestants on "Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns," on the other hand, are largely unknown and uncredentialed. A trailer for Season 20 of "Hell's Kitchen" (aka "Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns" Season 1) on YouTube introduces Gill as a line cook, suggesting she hadn't yet earned her stripes as a chef. That will change if she becomes the second Megan — or Meghan — Gill to win on "Hell's Kitchen."

'Hell's Kitchen' contestant Megan Gill called Gordon Ramsay 'one of the greatest'

If Megan Gill was a line cook during the filming of "Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns" in 2019, maybe that has changed already. After all, Gill's Twitter and Instagram handles are both @chefmegangill, and Gill's Instagram posts in particular look like those of a chef. Gill emphasizes Italian fare on Instagram, showing off a gourmet pizza, and homemade fettuccine and ravioli. On May 5, Gill dropped the news to her Instagram followers that she will appear on "Hell's Kitchen" Season 20. "Watch me cook for one of the greatest to ever do it (aka @gordongram) and try to survive," Gill wrote.

Will Megan Gill win the upcoming season of "Hell's Kitchen?" Maybe she should heed the advice of her predecessor, Meghan Gill: "Have a thick skin," the other Gill told Reel Life With Jane in 2016. "Don't get involved with drama. Do what you know and keep your head down. Keep the mentality that failure is not an option. And, most importantly, just say 'Yes, chef.'"

The ever-observant "Hell's Kitchen" fans on Reddit most definitely noticed the name similarity between Megan Gill and the Season 14 winner. One Redditor quipped, "They must have cast her based on the name alone." Perhaps the moniker will be her lucky charm!