What Hell's Kitchen Winner Meghan Gill Is Doing Now

Chef Meghan Gill — who is best known for emerging victorious in Season 14 of the competitive cooking show, Hell's Kitchen — is an absolute force to be reckoned with. As per Dormie Network, the star began her journey when she was just 19 years old. Basically, she was sure about her inclination toward cooking early on and didn't hesitate to teach herself the art of cooking at a stint with 2941 Restaurant in the Washington, D.C. area. 

Gill cherished her experience on the show and would repeat it again without hesitating for even a second. She said, "I believe that when you are a cook, your mindset is that you're competing and trying to win. But when you become a chef, you instead think about bringing others to your level." That was her strategy on the show where she spent a significant amount of time helping others, instead of solely concentrating on winning the competition. 

In case you're wondering what Gill has been up to these days, we have all the answers. Read on for everything you need to know about the chef's life after Hell's Kitchen.

Chef Meghan Gill is as ambitious as ever

Right after her stint on Hell's Kitchen, Meghan Gill was offered a pretty solid gig and served as head chef at Caesars Palace in Atlantic City, N.J. (via Gold Derby). These days, she's excelling in her role as an executive chef at Dormie Network, a golf-focused facility that has several courses catered toward those keen on picking up the sport. Here's a fun fact: This chef scored her current gig through an Instagram message from her old friend, chef Tony Pope.

Gill even explained what appealed to her as far as her job was concerned. She said, "The network is supporting food and beverage like something I've never seen before, and it really is elevating the experience. The really cool thing that differentiates a place like Dormie Network [is] how we can operate differently than a regular restaurant." Gill added that chefs like her have a lot of freedom to come up with special menus and focus personally on each guest at the network, something that's apparently impossible to do at other restaurants. "It's really fun for me as a chef to get creative and make people happy," she concluded.