This Is The Worst Part Of Being A Contestant On Hell's Kitchen

Popular shows like Hell's Kitchen have managed to fascinate viewers for years, thanks to the massive dose of drama, delicious food, and the twists and turns that they offer. Getting a spot on the show isn't as easy as you'd think, by the way. As per The Things, during the auditions, producers really try to analyze your personality by asking you a specific set of questions. An ex-participant on the show, Ariel Malone, said, "Their questions helped determine whether you're a fast learner, how well you adjust to changes in life, how you respond to difficult situations." The questions were pretty hardcore such as if you're rushing to prepare a meal and someone accidentally burns you in the process, how would you deal with the situation? Phew.

While on Hell's Kitchen, participants need to be ready for a host of expected as well as unexpected challenges. Here's one example: participants are completely cut off from the outside world while filming and can't even reach out to their loved ones. However, the show's producers do speak to family members every now and then to give them updates.

You're on your own

The thing with being a reality TV contestant is that you need to be stoic and get through tough challenges without getting swayed or overwhelmed. To that end, in an interview with Mashed, former Hell's Kitchen winner chef Christina Wilson explained that not being able to get rid of all that pent-up tension can really get to you sometimes. The reason? You can't exercise or unwind with music while competing on Hell's Kitchen

Wilson explained why that restriction was one of the toughest parts about being on the show. She said it was difficult "to not be able to workout, to do yoga, to listen to music, to decompress in any way, to be able to pick up a phone and call a friend or anything like that. You're just consistently in a pressure cooker, surrounded by competitors." Wilson added that it's very weird to not have anyone rooting for you. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.