The Untold Truth Of Fabian Von Hauske From Battle Of The Brothers

Fabian von Hauske might not be instantly recognizable to some Discovery+ viewers. But, after his appearance on the new show "Battle of the Brothers," the celebrated New York City-based chef will be turning heads with this creative approach to modern cuisine. Debuting on June 17 on Discovery+, "Battle of the Brothers" features Bryan and Michael Voltaggio in the culinary competition for sibling superiority. While up-and-coming chefs look to impress and catapult their Voltaggio brother to victory, other celebrated chefs will judge the competition. One of those culinary experts is Fabian von Hauske.

While von Hauske is relatively young, he has reaped many awards in the culinary world. Having been nominated for a James Beard Award and made Forbes' 30 under 30 list, the accolades have continued. In 2021, his restaurant Contra, where he is a co-owner, maintained its one Michelin Star ranking, per the guide. In addition, von Hauske is co-owner of Wildair, a sibling restaurant next door that has earned two stars from the New York Times.

Pastry chef turned culinary phenom

In the culinary world, savory chefs and pastry chefs often stay in their own particular food lane. For Fabian von Hauske, his background in pastry lends itself to culinary creativity. As von Hauske shared in a previous interview, he started his culinary journey in a bakery in Mexico City. After studying at the French Culinary Institute, he began working at various restaurants, including Jean-Georges. During that time, he met Johnny Iuzzini, who would become his mentor.

Von Hauske speaks highly of Iuzzini because of the chef's robust food knowledge. As said in the interview, Iuzzini could visually know if a dish was executed incorrectly. More importantly, von Hauske learned to appreciate Iuzzini's natural creativity. With an ability to be open-minded to the savory approach to pastry, those characteristics influenced von Hauske's culinary point of view. Just like layering flavors in a dish, a varied background can produce culinary greatness.

Fabian von Hauske is most proud of this recognition

Although the celebrated chef has earned some of the highest praises in the culinary world, Fabian von Hauske is most proud of one designation. As he shared on, von Hauske said, "Getting a green card based on my merits is perhaps the greatest reward I've gotten in my time as a chef in this country." When he received the Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise in Culinary Arts, which celebrates and raises awareness of immigrant contributions in the arts, von Hauske said, as an immigrant, "you can create change, and for me, that's something very special."

Coming to the United States from Mexico, von Hauske's path was not a direct one. After having to leave the country periodically, even while starting his restaurant Contra, he sought his green card. As he shared in an interview in 2017, von Hauske reflected on his immigrant status even as he won his first Michelin star, per Specifically, von Hauske appreciates that the strength of his work earned him his permanent residency status. While this accolade might not be found on a restaurant guide or be hanging on a wall, the truth is that his immigrant story influences his approach to food.

Fabian von Hauske is a leader in the bistronomy movement

While foodies are always looking for the next culinary trend, certain food words have become part of the lexicon. Beyond the "fusion" or even molecular gastronomy, the term "bistronomy movement," seems to be the concept that more restaurants are embracing. Fabian von Hauske and his culinary partner Jeremiah Stone published "A Very Serious Cookbook," which brings together stories and recipes from their restaurants Contra and Wildair. Although the cookbook might be for the culinary advanced, the concepts reflect the vibe of those restaurants, according to

Thinking of the bistronomy movement, it blends a less formal setting with expert, elegantly prepared food. From taking ingredients from various cultures and putting them into a single dish to ditching the pretentious setting, this fusion scenario turns culinary traditions upside down. While the dish might be worthy of fine china, the setting is more causally understated. In many ways, this approach makes elegant cuisine more approachable for a varied crowd.

von Hauske opened a new restaurant in the middle of the pandemic

When the pandemic hit, the "pivot" became the word on every chef's menu. For Fabian von Hauske it wasn't just a pivot, he and his business partner Jeremiah Stone created a whole new restaurant concept, Contrair. While Contra and Wildair had to be closed due to regulations, the delivery-only concept of Contrair was a response to giving foodies a high-end delivery option that didn't arrive on people's doorsteps looking sad, as The New Yorker reported.

Focusing on rustic cuisine, the chefs looked to offer food with flavors that people craved yet still traveled well to the final destination. From care in packaging to thoughtful dishes, these chefs were focused on doing delivery right (via Zagat). Whether these adapted dishes are a new form of Mexican-Chinese cuisine, modern comfort food, or just delicious dishes, it isn't about the food label. Contrair proves that chefs are open to new possibilities, but they need to find a way to do it well.

His connection to New York City is like a love affair

In a conversation with Vilcek Foundation, Fabian von Hauske shared that he fell in love with New York City when he first visited on a trip at the age of eight. While the bright lights of the big city captivated him and the energy excited him, it was a long journey that eventually made the locale his home. Still, Fabian said, "I knew I had to move here."

The chef continued to explain that his restaurant, Contra, is a "love letter to New York City." He said, "I wanted to open a place that represented how I see New York." While the cuisine reflects his and his culinary partner's, Jeremiah Stone's, backgrounds, the food on the plate is not just a taste from the past. Memories fold into modern approaches on classic flavors. Even as the menus have earned him many accolades, that feeling of being enamored with New York City and the possibilities that it offers continues to be celebrated every day.