Here's What Wendy's New Rick And Morty Soda Flavors Taste Like

Fast food chain Wendy's and pop culture icons Rick and Morty make a rather good team and they're getting together again this summer as the restaurant launches two specialty sodas inspired by the show's characters just as Season 5 gets underway on Adult Swim. According to CNET, the two brands first got together in 2020 for a fun breakfast commercial that was greeted with enthusiasm and kept the relationship going to today.

After all, "Rick and Morty" is an incredibly beloved show that has received overwhelming attention from fans across the world. As discussed by Mental Floss, the animated series works well for several reasons, such as the fact that it uses dark humor and outlandish storylines to make a lasting impression and countless memes.

As far as Wendy's is concerned, the chain is a respected name in the fast food industry. Its story began in 1969 when founder Dave Thomas opened the first eatery, selling distinctive square patties to delighted customers. The brand is constantly looking for ways to appeal to its customers and its latest ambitious product launch seems to do just that. 

Wendy's offers two exciting drinks inspired by the show

The two new drinks — which are super colorful — are called "Mello Yello BerryJerryboree" and "Mello Yello Portal Time Lemon Lime" and are set to make an appearance in more than 5,000 Wendy's locations this month and will be available through August 22, says CNET. The new drinks are basically two flavors that take off from the caffeinated Mello Yello soda. BerryJerryboree is a combination of delicious flavors like strawberry orange, cherry, and limeade while the Portal time Lemon Lime drink has a bright citrus pop. Drinking them may remind you of candy as CNET notes they taste like "liquified SweetTarts."

There are also sugar-free versions available, but it might be a little tricky to find the drinks, cautions the article, which advises paying close attention to the Coca-Cola dispenser and scrolling through until you find the "Only At Wendy's" section to order from. And if you're in Los Angeles, check out the pop-up location with an LED drive-thru location offering a limited-edition Pickle Rick Pickle Frosty, only for the weekend of June 18-20.