This Bizarre Rick And Morty Seltzer Flavor Has People Talking

It's hard to imagine that the liquid we used to throw away after all the pickles in a jar were gone would become a trendy health drink. It's also surprising that an animated television scientist as brilliant as Rick Sanchez from Adult Swim's Rick and Morty would stoop to shilling snacks and beverages for our consumption, but knowing Rick, he probably just had such a stressful day as a pickle in season three, episode three of Rick and Morty that he decided he deserved to profit from it in whatever way he could.

However we might explain it, our recent obsession with pickle juice has joined our admiration for all things Rick and Morty to create Pickle Rick Miracle Seltzer, a blend of natural pickle juice, water, and bubbles. For $24 per 12-pack, anyone can get a taste of what Rick must have tasted like when he battled sewer rats and mobsters as a scientific genius trapped inside the body of a pickle. Rick and his grandson Morty teamed up earlier in 2020 for another product pitch, promoting Rick and Morty-themed Pringles flavors in a Super Bowl commercial. (Before you ask, yes, one of those Pringles flavors was Pickle Rick.) Funko even made a Pickle Rick breakfast cereal, though wisely opted not to add pickle flavoring.

Pickle Rick Miracle Seltzer satisfies our craving for pickle juice

Pickle Rick Miracle Seltzer is currently available online and in stores in select markets (via Beverage Industry). The drink was launched as part of the virtual Adult Swim Festival, held earlier this month. To go along with the new, limited-edition Pickle Rick beverage, Miracle Seltzer also offers a line of Pickle Rick hats, shirts, and totes on its website. Miracle Seltzer seems like the right company to represent Pickle Rick. As their website states, each can of Miracle Seltzer is a "one way ticket to a new dimension where you will experience 100 percent pure psychic love." Rick's portal gun — perhaps his greatest invention — would do Miracle Seltzer one better. It would serve as a round-trip ticket to an alternate dimension of pure psychic love — or any other dimension you wanted to visit, for that matter.

Why are we suddenly drinking our pickle juice, rather than dumping it down the drain after the pickles are gone? For a lot of reasons, according to Delish. The stuff has potassium and sodium, which are electrolytes that hydrate you quickly and can help keep you that way. Drinking pickle juice can also help prevent cramping, and it has a ton of antioxidants and vitamins. Its main ingredient, vinegar, has even been known to promote weight loss.