The Heartwarming Story About Domaine Javier's Tiara On Worst Cooks In America

If you are a fan of Food Network's "Worst Cooks in America" then you may have watched Season 20 and the latest Season 22 which each featured the fun-loving Domaine Javier. If you are unfamiliar with this cooking competition's format, per Reality Titbit, the show brings together cooks with no formal training who compete against each other and hopefully get better and better as they burgeon into polished chefs. 

Javier is no stranger to challenge. Per IMDb, after being a part of MTV's 2011 episode of "True Life" where she shared with the world that she is transgender, resulting in the university she attended, expelling her over this revelation. But Javier knows who she is and wasn't afraid to stand up for herself. Needless to say, she isn't afraid of a little heat in the kitchen and fully embraced a second shot to hone her culinary skills. 

In fact, when it was announced that Javier would be joining Season 22, the celeb chef in the making posted on Instagram a photo of herself wearing a crown. Javier wrote, "The Queen has arrived and the glow-up is real. She's back back back, back again! You know sometimes you just have to throw on a crown and remind them who they're dealing with." Javier is truly a queen and when you learn the heartwarming story behind what she did with that tiara, you will be bowing down, too. 

Javier gave her crown to a fan

According to the Reddit community, Javier shared in an Instagram story that she gave her crown to a beautiful princess and an "avid fan and supporter" named Elena who is just 10 years old and lives in Texas. Javier posted a picture of Elena wearing the crown and wrote, "I sent her the ACTUAL tiara I wore in episodes 5 and 6 as a thank you, and to remind her to always be kind, brave, passionate, and confident." On the side of the photo are a bunch of hashtags including #representationmatters and #diversityandinclusion. So sweet, right? As the Reddit poster pointed out, there is more to Javier than snark and sass.  But, we already knew that.

Domaine really feels that the platform she has been given is bigger than self and revealed to Foodsided, "In the core of everything I do, there's always that aspect of promoting visibility, inclusion, diversity, and representation. We know how powerful media is in terms of unlocking possibilities and making the audience feel the love and acceptance they deserve. Food Network has considerately given me a platform. I am hoping that I get to continue the work that I've done so far and emphasize the ongoing need for these virtues to be championed."