Hell's Kitchen Fans Think This Contestant Made The Biggest Improvement

As far as cooking-based reality shows are concerned, "Hell's Kitchen" is one of the most popular among viewers. The series even has its own Reddit community where fans discuss their thoughts on the latest developments in episodes and their views on celebrity chef host Gordon Ramsay, as well as offer their two cents on the various participants competing for the top prize.

As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, "Hell's Kitchen" is still easily one of the top food programs on TV and owes a lot to Ramsay whose intense persona on television has managed to generate interest among viewers for years. Plus, it helps that the show is pretty promising in terms of cooking challenges and is almost always equipped with lots of twists and turns like any good drama.

A few days ago, members of the Reddit community decided to analyze which former "Hell's Kitchen" participant has shown the most progress over the years. An impressive number of fans (more than 400) cast their votes, suggesting talented former contestants such as Michelle Tribble, Nick Peters Bond, Ariel Contreras-Fox, and Benjamin Knack. 

Fans are most impressed by Nick Peters Bond

Redditors marveled at Nick Peters Bond's work and the progress that he has made. According to Reality TV Revisited, the chef from Massachusetts made an appearance in the 14th season of "Hell's Kitchen" and was in the top five finalists. After competing on the show, he started a catering group called Kitchen to Aisle Catering and made more TV appearances on "Chopped" and "Hell's Kitchen: All Stars." 

As seen on his Instagram account, Peters Bond is also very active on social media and even has a YouTube account called Commanding Your Kitchen where he actively posts videos for his fans. As he writes, "My recipes will be staples and basics that would impress any guest, while most recipes still [are] practical for a weeknight family meal.".

And his hard work hasn't been overlooked by fans of "Hell's Kitchen." As one Reddit user wrote, "Nick was a strong competitor the first time around but towards the end of his run you could the see the cracks in his composure. His second run, however, he was a straight beast!"