The Real Reason Disneyland's Pineapple Split Dole Whip Sundae Costs $25

After finally completing all the renovations and updates, as of yesterday Disneyland has officially reopened its Jungle Cruise attraction, and to celebrate, because Disney does celebrate everything, it has created a delightful masterpiece.

Over at Disneyland's Tropical Hideaway, which you will find snuggled between The Jungle Cruise and Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room (via The Orange County Register), you will now find a Pineapple Split Dole Whip Sundae on the menu, a new sweet treat to commemorate the reopening of the ride.

According to All Ears, the Pineapple Split is made with the customer's choice of two servings of Dole Whip single or swirl flavors, topped with blueberries and strawberries, crunchy coconut flakes, banana chips, and gummy butterflies. The sundae sits between two pineapple spears, similar to the style of a classic banana split.

This signature Disneyland sundae, which seems sure to be a hit, is not the least expensive dessert you'll ever come across – you're going to pay $24.99 for it. 

You are getting more than just a sweet treat

While you may be thinking, "25 bucks for an ice cream sundae is a little much," allow us to share the best part of this new Disney Dole creation. Your purchase includes a small-scale model of the infamous red and white topped Jungle Cruise boat, the Zambesi Zelda ... now how adorable is that? 

Disneyland News Today, a resource for everything news-related to Disneyland, recently posted the Jungle Cruise Pineapple Split to their official Instagram with the caption, "This is EVERYTHING. To celebrate the grand reopening of Jungle Cruise at Disneyland Park, Tropical Hideaway is serving a special Pineapple Split that comes with a Jungle Cruise boat!!!"

This deal is a steal if you like ice cream, collecting Disney souvenirs, or if you are a fan of the Jungle Cruise. But most of all, with the family favorite attraction reopening and the new "Jungle Cruise" movie opening on July 30th, this is prime time to snag this sundae and souvenir combo.