Is Disneyland's Celebration Churro Worth The Hype?

Churros are to carnival atmospheres and amusement parks like cute cat memes are to the internet: everyone wants to love them. And no one — not even Cruella de Vil — is going to argue that Disneyland's new "celebration churros" aren't prime for Instagram (via Instagram). The bright blue sugar coating on the churros is as ferociously eye-catching and at least as photogenic as Disney's cast of impossibly proportioned princesses. (Kudos to the Disneyworld customers who photograph them against the castle. It gives the dessert-snack hybrid a straight-from-rapunzel's-tower kind of quality.)

But are Disneyland's celebration churros worth the hype? Should anybody but your camera be cheering for them? One celebration churro (which Disney advertises as birthday cake-flavored) will cost you $5.75 at the Sleeping Beauty churro cart in Disneyland (via Food at Disneyland). The marshmallow dipping sauce, graced with confetti sprinkles, will cost you an extra buck (via Instagram), which means that for the full experience you'll be dishing out $6.75. You may be thinking that $6.75 is a little more than you want to spend on a single churro. In that case, keep in mind two things. First, the Cinderella Light Up Premium Popcorn basket will cost you around $20.00 (Via Food at Disneyland). Don't shoot the messenger. Second, not paying a dollar for the marshmallow dip is really, truly not an option.

Don't order Disneyland's celebration churro without the dipping sauce

If you're Instagram needs a picture of Disneyland's celebration churros, we get it. Just go the extra mile and buy the confetti-laced, marshmallow dipping sauce, too. Says a reviewer at Wow News Today "there wasn't much special about this one .... it didn't taste like birthday cake to us, leaving us to believe that it was literally just blue sugar." Pros? Disneyland got the all-important not-too soft, not-too crunchy texture which makes a churro a churro just right. Another review on Instagram agreed. "On its own, [the celebration churro] was devoid of the cinnamon flavor and was somewhat bland except for all the sweetness from the sugar," wrote a disappointed customer. "Just a regular churro with blue sprinkles," wrote a third reviewer on The Gram, giving the dish a 2/5.

Et voilà. On their own, Disneyland's celebration churros may not be as delicious as Tiana's beignets or Snow White's gooseberry pie, or Ratatouille's ratatouille. Most reviews that we read, however, agreed that the marshmallow sauce was something worth writing a fairytale about. So maybe, you know, skip the churro and stock up on that, instead.