Taco Bell's New Blue Raspberry Lemonade Freeze Is Perfect For Summer

There's nothing quite as satisfying on a hot summer day as a glass of something frosty, slushy, and utterly refreshing. Whether you want a little caffeine in your ideal summer beverage, prefer something with more of that fruit flavor, or are straight up looking for more refreshing ways to imbibe in an adult beverage, there's always room for another slushy masterpiece in the summer drink market. Fast food chain Taco Bell has recently introduced what just might become your new summer favorite: a Blue Raspberry Lemonade Freeze.

The drink is a new addition incorporating the same formula that was found in the popular Wild Strawberry Lemonade Freeze, with a sweet lemonade-flavored swirl dolloped through a frosty berry mixture. Now, instead of having to select the strawberry flavor, you can go for tart Blue Raspberry swirled with lemonade slush instead (via Chewboom). The vibrant blue beverage can be found at participating Taco Bell locations for a limited time only, so you'll want to make sure you try it before it's taken off the menu (via The Fast Food Post). As an added bonus, it isn't all that high in calories. While it does contain 35 grams of sugar, it clocks in at just 150 calories — perfect for a refreshing summer treat.

What the fans are saying

The YouTube channel Redneck Snack and Food Reviews decided to weigh in on this new addition to the Taco Bell menu with a taste test (via YouTube). The beverage is a vibrant blue hue with some yellowish-green segments throughout, and the clear cups in which Taco Bell serves up the beverage highlight the bold colors of the frosty drink. After taking a quick sip, the reviewer declared that "the nice tart flavor, with a little bit more sweetness of that lemonade, just hits," although he mentioned that the Wild Strawberry Lemonade Freeze was still his preferred beverage of the two.

"It's good, I had it yesterday," a Reddit user by the name of Super_DAC commented after the news was shared on a Fast Food Reddit thread. Another Reddit user compared the slushie beverage to raspberry Jolly Ranchers, a comparison that just might catch the eye of candy enthusiasts.

Though they included a whimsical description on their online menu that questions whether "agriculturally and innovatively minded gnomes carefully pick each of these sweet berries by hand in a magical land of flavor," Taco Bell hasn't yet confirmed just how long the frosted beverages would be on the market, simply noting that they're a limited time offering (via Taco Bell).