Aldi's Cozy August 2021 Home Goods Will Help Get You Ready For Fall

August is almost here — that strange month when people are still trying to enjoy summer while stores stock up with back-to-school and other not-so-summery items. Aldi is reflecting some of August's split personality with the products coming to the chain's showrooms and shelves next month.

The sherpa throw blanket available at Aldi starting in August will help you stay cozy this fall, and the new bed tray will give you one more excuse to stay in bed, under that warm sherpa throw. Aldi is also offering a cooling blanket for kids, either as a way to beat the August heat or keep them calm as the first day of school approaches all too quickly. Aldi is also debuting a variety of candles and candle accessories in August — and candles are always in season.

Aldi's August lineup isn't just about home goods, either. The chain is famous for its grocery selection, and plenty of Aldi's August 2021 releases will help you round out your end-of-summer party menu, too. But if you're looking to complete your living room or bedroom decor at Aldi, read on.

Huntington Home Marble Jar Candle

Evoke either summer or fall with the Huntington Home Marble Jar Candle, coming to Aldi stores on August 11. These candles will be available in three varieties: "cozy nights," "lakeside picnic," or "lemongrass bamboo" — and they come in decorative jars that will fit right in at a college dorm room or an upscale living room. The candles are $6.99 each.

Huntington Home Children's Cooling Weighted Blanket

The cooling fabric in the Huntington Home Children's Weighted Blanket can help your little ones endure a late summer heatwave or settle them into bedtime calmly and comfortably. The blanket comes in navy blue with chevron stripes and costs $24.99. Look for the cooling weighted blanket at Aldi starting August 11.

Huntington Home Pop Up Baskets

Combine an appealing aesthetic and functionality with the Huntington Home Pop Up Baskets, coming to Aldi stores on August 18. Use the basket to carry laundry at home, or load it up with sunscreen and snacks, and take it to the beach. The baskets come in blue, green, or chevron-striped, and they sell for $9.99.

Huntington Home Candle Warmer Lantern

If you pick up a Huntington Home Marble Jar Candle in August, you might want to come back to Aldi later in the month to get the Candle Warmer Lantern. It gives you a place to set your candle to enhance its visual appeal, and you're less likely to knock your candle over if it's safely tucked inside a lantern. The $14.99 lanterns come in dark or white wood starting August 25.

SOHL Furniture Sling Chair

This isn't your ordinary folding chair. The SOHL Furniture Sling Chair comes with comfy, ivory-colored cushions and a little bit of elegance. The chair will fit into any ivory-themed room in your home. Then again, for $39.99, it hardly matters if it clashes just a little. Look for the sling chair at Aldi stores on August 25.

Huntington Home All In One Nap Mat

If you have preschoolers or run a daycare, you'll want to head to Aldi on August 25 to stock up on Huntington Home All In One Nap Mats. Naptime has never been more convenient, or more fun — choose from car or unicorn designs. And ask your little one which design they prefer — you can never assume these things. Nap mats will cost you $14.99.

Huntington Home Deluxe Harvest Mat

You know autumn has arrived when people start laying their Huntington Home Deluxe Harvest Mat at the front door. Choose from the orange farmer's truck design or the flower-filled pumpkin. The 18-by-30-inch mats are $6.99 and arrive at Aldi on August 25 — well before the equinox.

Huntington Home Hearthside Candle

Get into the fall mood with a Huntington Home Hearthside Candle, available at Aldi starting August 25. The $8.99 candle comes in three scents: hickory cedar, mapleberry + leaf, and spiced honey butter. Get all the best fall smells without having to chop hickory for firewood, rake leaves, or make stovetop potpourri.

Crofton Acacia Bed Tray

Do breakfast in bed in style with Aldi's Crofton Acacia Bed Tray. Acacia wood is super hard and makes for a durable dining room table or even a Hawaiian canoe (via World Interiors). So you know it'll hold up as a bed tray. The tray costs $14.99 and arrives at Aldi on August 25.

Huntington Home Pinsonic Sherpa Throw

Sherpa blankets aren't really the blankets sherpas bring with them to stay warm atop Mount Everest, but they should suffice for most in-home purposes. The Huntington Home Pinsonic Sherpa Throw is a synthetic material made to resemble sheep's fleece (via Zengbo). They're light but warm, and at Aldi they'll cost you $12.99. Look for them starting August 11.