Why Bobby Flay Thinks It's So Important To Travel

Some chefs focus on one type of cuisine, while others have a broad view and tackle diverse styles. Bobby Flay definitely fits into the latter category, incorporating Mediterranean and American influences into his cooking, among many others (via Food Network). When he's not in one of his multiple restaurants, he's writing cookbooks, participating in numerous cooking shows, and hosting "Always Hungry," a podcast with his daughter. Amidst all of these endeavors, Flay has traveled extensively, racking up culinary and life experiences that he has brought to the table.

On a recent podcast episode with his daughter Sophie, the two reminisce over their various travels, and how these have influenced other parts of their lives. If you've ever left the comfort and familiarity of your hometown for more than a few days, chances are you have an inkling as to the powerful effect of being on the road. While there's no doubt that the immediate experience is distinct when you are on the other side of the world, Flay and his daughter talk about how travels have been formative in their lives throughout time.

Travel makes you more curious and open-minded

Sophie Flay remarked that one the main things travel has done for her is it's made her inherently more open-minded and curious. Regarding food, Sophie further explained that travel has made her more daring even when faced with bizarre dishes that don't always look appealing on the surface. (While you can probably find some familiar items of food in most places, what is the point of eating a hamburger on the other side of the world?) As Sophie points out, the more often she is presented with unfamiliar foods and experiences, the less scared or wary she is to try them.

Bobby agreed with his daughter's sentiments, remarking that his perspective has broadened as he has gained a wider view of the possibilities that exist beyond his hometown (you can't see everything, even in New York City!) While there's no doubt that his travels have expanded his palate and the recipes he creates, the elder Flay notes that his sense of curiosity goes beyond food. It's always exciting to explore new flavors when traveling, but in the podcast Bobby encourages travel to also build one's sense of adventure, ultimately making us all more engaging people. Great food and even better life stories? We're in!