Dill Pickle Fans At Aldi Need To Try These Cashew Snack Packs

How do you feel about dill pickles, or, more specifically, all things dill pickle-flavored? What about cashews, do you like those as well? If the answer to both of these questions is a resounding "Yes!!" then we're pleased to be the bearer of good tidings. It seems your ship (well, probably more like a truck) has come in, and you should set sail for Aldi ASAP.

Yes, the current crop of Aldi Finds, according to the aldifavoritefinds Instagram account, includes boxes of dill pickle cashew snack packs — oh yes, and some dill pickle-flavored potato chips, as well. It's raining all things pickles! Well, two pickle things, but that's good enough to get pickle fans stocking up on their favorite snacks. Mysterious are the ways of Aldi, after all, especially when it comes to the Aisle of Shame, so there's no telling just how long these snacks are likely to stick around. Better grab them quick before they sell out!

Instagram users are particularly excited about the pickle cashews

While aldifavoritefinds posted photos of Clancy Dill Pickle Potato Chips ($1.69 for a full-sized bag) and Southern Grove 100-calorie Salt & Pepper Cashew Snack Packs ($2.99 for a box of seven) as well as its Dill Pickle ones, the pickle-flavored cashews were the clear fan-favorite if the comments are anything to go by. A number of Instagram users said they loved Aldi's pickle-flavored cashews, with quite a few claiming this item as a favorite snack. One person, who seemed to be unfamiliar with the Aldi brand of pickle-flavored cashews itself, nonetheless admitted "[I]f those nuts are anything like the ones the girl scouts sold I'm going to be in trouble!" (Those 100-calorie mini bags do add up, after all.)

A few people did reference the one downside to Aldi Finds, that being their ephemerality. They made such comments as, "I will have to stock up on the cashews. Just ran out of my last box," "Please make the dill pickle cashews a regularly stocked item!!" and "Haven't found these yet in southern California." (Good news for slowpokes: August Aldi Finds include a larger-sized bag of dill pickle-flavored cashews.) There was also one sour note from someone who noted, "I have the shelled pistachio from this company and they taste funny." Still, for under three bucks a box, any pickle/cashew fans would have to be nuts to miss out on these snacks.