Do This With Aldi's Chocolate Coated Butter Cookies Before Summer Ends

Aldi fans who love indulging in a few sweet treats officially have a new recipe they need to add to their snack rotation, according to Reddit user ChaseHarker, and it involves a particular type of cookie you can only find in the store's aisles (via Reddit). The Aldi's Specially Selected Chocolate Coated Butter Cookies are a tasty treat imported from Germany that feature a buttery base with lettering and a smooth chocolate coating with an illustration on it. The international delights are available in both milk and dark chocolate versions (via Aldi).

These rich, chocolate-y biscuits are absolutely incredible with a cup of coffee. However, if you're a fan of s'mores, you need to add one more ingredient into the equation — marshmallows. That's right — Reddit is going nuts over the idea of taking two of the chocolate-coated biscuits and placing a large marshmallow between them, creating a convenient and tasty take on a s'more. Forget buying boxes of graham crackers and cutting up slabs of chocolate into the right size — simply sandwich the marshmallow and toast the concoction until you're satisfied with the level of melted goodness. 

These particular cookies have been around for over a decade now, with one food blogger reviewing a version of them all the way back in 2011 (via Ain't Found A Good Title Blog), but this new way of using them will have s'mores lovers rushing to Aldi ASAP to test out this revamped version of a summer staple.

What Reddit users are saying about the invention

Within just a few hours, Reddit users were rushing to shower praise on the invention, which user ChaseHarker shared by just including a photo demonstrating how he or she sandwiched the chocolate coated butter cookies around an untoasted marshmallow (via Reddit). "How did I never think of this, game changer!" user miatamanisback commented. Another Reddit user wrote "STOP IT!!! I'm avoiding Aldi bc they have the best munchies and I need less munchies in my life then you post this?!!!", tempted by the idea. "You sir or madam are a genius," a third commented simply.

A few users even shared some additional tips to elevate the s'mores concoction further, with one advocating for the addition of some fruit such as fresh strawberries to add another level of complexity to the overall flavor of the sweet treat. And, for those who avoid s'mores because of the mess factor, one user remarked that this hack makes a melted treat that is far less messy than traditional s'mores. Reddit user ChaseHarker didn't include an image of what the treat looks like perfectly toasted, so you may just have to try it out for yourself to see the end result.