The Truth About Robert Irvine's Liquor Company Irvine's Spirits

There must be a lot of money to be made in the booze business, judging from all the celebrities lending their names to everything from bourbon to rosé. In fact, you can find rosés from 1980s rocker Jon Bon Jovi and current hip-hop artist Post Malone (via VMan). Kendall Jenner and George Clooney launched tequila brands, Drake came out with a whiskey for the ladies, Jay-Z has a luxury cognac. There's even a Danny DeVito limoncello. We're not kidding.

New celebrities are adding their names to this list all the time. You could devote a new wing at the convenience store to all the celebrity hard seltzers out there (via VinePair). Among them is Hell's Seltzer by chef Gordon Ramsay, who seems to be playing his hard seltzer for laughs — probably a lucrative joke, but a joke nonetheless. Flavors include Berry Inferno, Knicker Twist, and That's Forked.

Ramsay has some company in celebrity-chef alcohol, although fellow Brit Robert Irvine appears to be taking his turn in the trade more seriously. Irvine announced August 12 on Twitter and Instagram the launch of Irvine's Spirits, a new brand of gin and vodka.

Robert Irvine is billing his liquor as affordable luxury

Irvine's Spirits, the line of vodka and gin by TV chef and restaurant rescuer Robert Irvine, is so new you can't buy it yet. Irvine said on Instagram the spirits will be "pouring soon in a city near you." In response to a question on Twitter, Irvine said his vodka and gin will be made by Boardroom Spirits, a Pennsylvania-based distillery that started making the house booze for Robert Irvine's Public House restaurant in Las Vegas in 2017 (via FSR). Irvine was drawn to Boardroom because it used all-natural colors and flavorings, and a superior distillation process.

As far as the distillation of Irvine's Spirits goes, the brand's website says some of the botanicals in the gin are distilled in the pot, and the rest are vapor infused. The result, according to the website, is a 90 proof gin so smooth you could drink it straight. A technical sheet for the gin says it is distilled with 13 botanicals, including elderberry, black currant, cinnamon, and tea. Irvine's vodka is made from non-GMO American corn. The vodka's technical sheet boasts that it's "the purest money can buy."

No word yet on how much Irvine's Spirits will cost, but Irvine suggests on the new brand's homepage that the booze will be a relative bargain, whatever the price. "You shouldn't have to be rich to enjoy a little luxury," Irvine said.