The Best Chocolate Desserts You'll Ever Taste

There's just something magical about a great chocolate dessert. Just one bit can totally turn a day around and make everything seem a little bit better — at least for a while. Sweet, complex, and decadent, the best chocolate desserts aren't just one-note chocolate bars (though they certainly have their place, too!). They're also often almost as great to look at as they are to eat and in the age of social media, the sky's the limit on epic chocolate desserts. Check out what we've found for some of the most mouth-watering chocolate desserts this side of Instagram. We apologize in advance if these images result in immense cravings and a baking frenzy (or a trip to the local bakery) — but pictures this drool-worthy just have to be shared! 

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Cookies 'n' cream doughnut

If you think doughnuts don't qualify as a real dessert, you're eating the wrong kind! This bad boy starts as your typical chocolate dipped doughnut (already pretty mouthwatering), but is then topped with cookies 'n' cream mousse and chocolate chip cookie dough. Finally, it's drizzled with peanut butter and Nutella. Yum!

Chocolate oblivion cake

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to put virtually every chocolate candy known to man on top of a chocolate cake, wonder no more. This super chocolate cake starts off with both milk chocolate frosting and fudge frosting, already stepping up the game. Then it takes it to another level by adding a layer of chocolate chips. Finally, it heads into complete chocolate oblivion by adding pieces of Hershey chocolate bars, Hershey kisses, Baby Ruth, Rolos, Whoppers, both Reese's Pieces and peanut butter cups, Snickers, 3 Musketeers, M&Ms, Kit Kat, and Twix! All of your favorite Halloween candy in one chocolate heaven.

Mega chocolate brownie sundae

This isn't just any brownie sundae. With a base of chocolate ice cream topped with super fudgy brownies, it would already be bringing the chocolate game if it stopped right there. But then it just keeps bringing the sweetness with chocolate syrup, a tower of whipped cream, and a finale of chocolate-filled wafer cookies. This is plenty to share and then some. If you're feeling generous, that is.

Chocolate cake topped boozy chocolate shake

This one's a mouthful, not just to say but to eat and drink as well. If it isn't enough that the milkshake itself is a boozy porter chocolate shake, it's topped with an entire slice of double chocolate cake. Since that clearly isn't enough still, the glass is coated with chocolate frosting used to affix two different kinds of chocolate (and maybe even peanut butter, by the looks of it) sprinkles. 

Chocolate chip tiramisu pancakes

You may not immediately think of pancakes when you think of dessert, but these chocolate chip tiramisu pancakes are no average pancakes. Topped with chocolate sauce, espresso, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, sweetened cream, and chocolate ice cream, even your Nonna will want to try these! The jury's still out on whether the pancakes are also soaked in brandy or another alcohol like a lot of tiramisu, but regardless this is already super decadent.

Sophisticated choc-a-li-cious cake

Candy on top of cake is nothing new, but this cake is extra special. Layers of butter cake are frosted with chocolate buttercream, then it's topped with a chocolate ganache drip. On top of that are all sorts of chocolates (both domestic and imported, because we're super fancy here). Chocolate filled wafer sticks, Hershey kisses, Kit Kats, and Kinder dinosaur eggs are just some of the delectable toppings. Add a bit of chocolate drizzle and some edible gold dust "for extra glamour" and you have one sophisticated chocolate candy cake.

Leaning tower of chocolate

This chocolate tower from Le Relais de Venise L'Entrecôte in London is the perfect way to end an evening in Europe. With chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, merengue, and plenty of chocolate sauce to go around before being topped with whipped cream, it does a pretty good impression of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Now if we could just figure out where to even begin eating it.

Snickers loaded thickshake

Some people assume that the flavors of a Snickers bar — chocolate, peanuts, and caramel — would be enough to constitute a Snickers shake. Those people have no idea what they're talking about. This Snickers loaded thickshake has all of that in the shake itself, plus it's topped with an actual Snickers bar, more ice cream, chopped peanuts, and two kinds of cookies (plus the extra drizzle of chocolate and caramel). Hungry? Grab this shake!

Chocolate walnut cake

The simple name for this one doesn't really do it justice. This chocolate on chocolate walnut cake is a chocolate lover's dream. The drippy, gooey chocolate frosting flows all the way down the cake and joins the caramel drizzle that's waiting for it at the base. Topped with a dusting of powdered sugar and filled with crunchy walnuts, the flavors and textures in this one look amazing. Just make sure you have a napkin (or five).

Kinder chocolates torte

Kinder chocolates aren't widespread in the United States, but soon you'll be able to get all the Kinder chocolates you want (including Kinder eggs) even inside the US. That's the perfect excuse to make a Kinder chocolate torte like this one. Like all great candy-covered chocolate indulgences, this torte begins with a chocolate frosting. Then it's topped with Kinder bars, Surprise eggs, and milky bites along with dark chocolate drizzle to balance out the milk chocolate frosting. 

Triple chocolate ice cream

If there's a right way to have ice cream (we know there's certainly no wrong way), this chocolate on chocolate on chocolate version is it. Chocolate gelato inside a fish-shaped chocolate cookie "cone" with Nutella sauce, chocolate chip cookies, and caramelized peanuts just screams summer (and chocolate sugar coma, but we'll risk it).

Easter egg smash cake

When it comes to chocolate cake, candy can go both on top and inside to help make a truly chocolate statement. This Easter egg smash cake frosted with chocolate icing and coated in sprinkles only gets more exciting when you cut it open. That's when all of the wrapped Easter candy, including Cadbury mini creme eggs, come tumbling out. 

Chocolate and candy covered marshmallows

Speaking of towers, I'm also not going to say no to a tower of marshmallows, especially when those marshmallows are served on lollipop sticks, coated in chocolate, and then covered in different kinds of candy and snacks. From mini chocolate candies to pretzels to graham crackers and just about everything in between, the toppings are almost as exciting as the chocolate. Almost.

Chocolate peanut butter brownies

Everyone knows that peanut butter always makes chocolate better and brownies are no exception. Even if you think you don't like peanut butter (seriously, who are you?) you're going to love these brownies. They pack the typical brownie punch of chocolate and also have peanut butter cups, peanut butter swirl, and a chocolate drizzle.

Double decker chocolate layer cake

If a single layer chocolate cake covered in candy and other treats is indulgent, they haven't even invented the word for this two-layer cake. With chocolate buttercream, chocolate drip frosting, chocolate chunk cookies, brownies, chocolate chips, Kit Kats, and sprinkles, even two layers are barely enough to contain all the chocolatey goodness.