Dessert Recipes That Are Perfect For Chocolate Lovers

Is there any dish on this planet more easily satisfying than dessert? Well, for a whack of folks, it depends on the dessert itself. For some of these people, only a freshly baked piece of dessert will do. And on that note, another group of humans would provide an even more detailed response to this question: They'd argue that the best fresh dessert in this world is any treat that contains the word "chocolate."

So, if you're the sort of person that agrees that the greatest meal ever contains the chocolatiest ingredients, then this article is for you, because we're about to outline some top-notch recipes for the chocolate stans that live among us. Whether you vibe with lava cakes or an extravagant ice cream sandwich or something else entirely (but still chocolaty, of course) you're sure to find a dessert that will wow you. Now, let's help you whip up some chocolaty hits.

Chocolate chip cookies

When you bake a fresh tray of chocolate chip cookies, their scent likely fill your home with sweet and cozy delight. If this sentiment — or the taste of the perfect chocolate chip cookie — jibes with you, then our recipe for twenty of such biscuits is worth making. And our chocolate chip cookies are textbook chocolate chip cookies, making them a reliable go-to. They contain classic milk chocolate and are garnished with a sprinkling of salt flakes for balance. Additionally, a batch of them takes 45 minutes (including the dough's chill time in the fridge) to prep, just 12 minutes to bake, and then, they can be enjoyed for days at a time.

Everyday chocolate cake

It's no secret that some chocolate cake recipes take ages to make, contain many ingredients, and are difficult desserts to pull off. Which is totally fine. However, not everyone can take a whole morning off to bake one of these desserts. And in those moments, when your time is a tad limited, this everyday chocolate cake recipe could be your rock. And better yet, this baking instructional isn't culinary rocket science. It takes an hour to cook, contains 12 basic ingredients, and is incredibly easy to make. What's more, these cakes are super delicious, no matter the occasion.

Chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons

A stellar macaroon should melt in your mouth and be a marvelously chewy-yet-textured morsel. If you crave such a treat, we're here to help you out. Our coconut macaroon recipe takes only 35 minutes to make, making it perfect for dessert in a pinch, or that random craving. This recipe also results in a golden brown coating with a sweet and light interior, creating a true journey for your taste dubs. Dipping these macaroons into melted chocolate is what makes it an even more delectable time.

Easy two-ingredient chocolate mousse

A 2019 South Florida Reporter article outlined that mousse originated in France, likely in the 1800s. And because mousse is French, some might assume that it's a fancy, complicated dish to make. However, this is not necessarily the case. In fact, we've arranged a chocolate mousse recipe that only has two ingredients, and they're not too obscure either. In fact, if you have some dark chocolate and some sugar, then you are good to go. Not only is this dessert easy to make, enjoying a serving of it may be even easier.

Bakery-style dark chocolate chip cookies

Are you the sort of person that's both a cookie monster and a dark chocolate hound? If so, then you could be in luck with this next recipe. Our bakery-style chocolate chip cookie recipe features slabs of the chocolaty stuff. That's right, slabs — our instructions don't call for just a smattering of minuscule dark chocolate chips, but chunks of the stuff. Moreover, these cookies are kingsized, with a batch of them producing eight hefty cookies. Their heft also makes them perfect for dunking into some warm coffee or a delicious glass of milk, no coffee shop trip required.

Costco copycat chocolate muffins

Many a diner on the internet has attested that Costco's chocolate muffins go hard. In 2010, one user on Twitter tweeted, "Costco chocolate muffins are the BEST," while another user on the platform said, "I thought about eating a real breakfast. Then I went in the kitchen and remembered I have the delicious chocolate muffins from Costco."

Therefore, if you don't have a Costco membership but want give their muffins a go, then we have just the recipe for you. Yup, we've put together a legitimate replica of these big, chocolatey muffins. And they're here to make one's day a spot better.

Chocolate crinkle cookies

There may come a day when you yearn for a cookie, but not a standard cookie. And if that day ever comes, then this crinkle cookies recipe might come in handy. These yummy biscuits feature cocoa powder, vanilla, and a heavy dusting of powdered sugar to coat them once they're finished. Moreover, they don't contain any pieces of fruit, any types of nuts, or any other additional, prominent flavors. Our crinkle cookies put chocolate at the forefront.

Orange chocolate loaf cake

Whoever first reckoned that citrus flavors and chocolatey flavors would successfully work together was an actual wonder — because not only were they right, we are still innovating these two elements into unified feeds. Case in point, we've produced a orange chocolate loaf cake that has almost a five-star user rating. It's packed with vibrant chocolate notes, the zest of three oranges, and just a dash of OJ. Now, at this point, you'd probably know whether or not this dessert's your cup of tea. And if it is, then perhaps it's time to pull out your baking (or learning) skills.

Chocolate, candy, and caramel ice cream sandwich

Imagine this: It's a blimey hot summer's day. It's sweltering, as the sun's rays bite down upon the earth. But then, you go your freezer to pull out a homemade ice cream sandwich. Doesn't that sound like the bee's knees? Well, with some help from an ice cream sandwich recipe that we've put forth, you can make this "what if" a reality. Moreover, these desserts ooze with chocolate, candy, and caramel flavors. The vanilla ice cream combines with these elements to create a truly delightful sweet.

3-Ingredient Nutella chocolate cake

In 2015, Delish published an article called, "8 Reasons Nutella is Better Than a Boyfriend." And in this piece, they said that it can do everything from improving a pile of crepes to tasting great straight from the jar. Ergo, if you agree with this assessment, then maybe our Nutella cake should be invited to your next family dinner. This dish is remarkably straightforward. All it requires is three supermarket ingredients, some kitchen equipment, and less an hour-and-a-half of your time. Oh, and it's also loaded with a luscious, chocolatey taste that'll satisfy any chocolate lover's craving.

Salted dark chocolate granola bars

Sometimes, you may want a little piece of dessert in your car, at your work desk, or before you leave the house. And in those moments, a granola bar could potentially be there, right by your side. So, if you're a fan of these easy snacks, then you should maybe give the salty dark chocolate ones that we've blueprinted a whirl. These bars don't just take a short time to assemble — they're additionally not that expensive.

Quick molten chocolate lava cakes

For some humans, cracking into a lava cake and creating a stream of hot chocolate is a top-notch experience. And if you want to provide this sort of adventure for your friends and family, then you should possibly try baking our chocolate lava cake recipe, because frankly, it's completely amazing.

These lava cakes put chocolate at the front and center, and a batch of four takes less than ten minutes to bake. To top it all off, they'll keep their fantastic taste, even if you were to mistakenly break them.

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Why would anyone would mess with a chocolate chip cookie by putting oatmeal in it? Fortunately, you might find that there's a rather compelling case for doing so. And that case could come in the form of our oatmeal chocolate chip cookies recipe. Because these biscuits have a soft yet supple texture with a buttery, chocolatey flavor to boot. So, if this line of argument has gotten you on board, or if you already liked oatmeal cookies to begin with, then this recipe is just a bake away from reality.

Chocolate peanut butter fudge tart

Ah, chocolate and peanut butter. This flavor fusion has become 100 percent iconic and is used in many a marketable snack. And if you're a fan of this couple, then perhaps you should plonk these two flavors into a tasty chamber of crust. That's right, we've released a chocolate and peanut butter tart recipe for just that. It's sweet and a bit savory, and it comes contained in a shortbread cookie shell — and that's a combo that's an absolute winner.

Chocolate-covered strawberries

Sometimes, simple is better than complicated. Take for instance. the humble yet indulgent chocolate-covered strawberry: This dish is pretty simple to construct, yet it's also regarded as being incredibly romantic and classy. If you want to potentially impress somebody with these berries, or just enjoy a special dessert for yourself, then we've laid out some chef's kiss worthy tips. That's right, in our chocolate-covered strawberry recipe, we've outlined how one can encase some delectable strawberries with chocolate, with some nuts or Oreo fragments for topping ideas. And don't worry, this dessert is so rudimentary to create that you don't have to worry about competing with the local bakery.

Chewy chocolate chip cookie cake

There are some days where you might hanker for a chocolate chip cookie. There might be other days where you want a scrumptious slice of cake. However, there might be a time in your life where you'd like to eat both these snacks at the same time. And in those moments, you could always bake one of our chewy chocolate chip cookie cakes. This dessert recipe stars chocolate chips with a plash of chocolate sauce, all in a chewy, cookie-like cloud. It also has a strong flavor of vanilla for an extra kick. A slice of these doozies might even become your new favorite snack.

Fudgy chocolate mousse

As previously stated, we've detailed a rad, two ingredient mousse recipe that you could give a road-test. However, if you want to step your cooking game up a notch and make one that's somewhat more complicated, then we have another version that might float your boat. It's a chocolate mousse recipe that uses high-end cocoa powder and takes about two-and-a-half-hours to make. These desserts are also comprised of eight different ingredients, so, if you're ready to take on a chocolaty challenge, then this recipe's primed and ready to roll.