The Food Network Show Steven Carter-Bailey Wants To Be On Next

Steven Carter-Bailey's star is most definitely rising. He was a finalist in Season 8 of "Great British Bake Off," then he returned in 2019 to win "Great New Year's Bake Off," according to his website. Carter-Bailey told Mashed in an exclusive interview that he has baked cakes for Jonathan Van Ness from "Queer Eye" and legendary actor Ian McKellen. With a long list of corporate and celebrity clients already on his resume, and proper cake-design skills — as evidenced by his Instagram page — you'd think Carter-Bailey would have a shot at becoming the U.K.'s version of the Cake Boss or something. Maybe he should go head-to-head with Buddy Valastro first, in a new series called "Buddy vs. Steven." Unless Duff Goldman wins the current season of "Buddy vs. Duff," of course, in which case Food Network might consider greenlighting "Steven vs. Duff."

Nadiya Hussain set the high-water mark for "GBBO" winners by landing her own show, "Nadiya's Time to Eat" (via Netflix). So we're just wondering, when is it Carter-Bailey's turn for TV stardom — or at least his next television gig?

Steven Carter-Bailey wants Food Network to revive Cake Wars

Steven Carter-Bailey doesn't appear to be angling for a new TV show with his name in the title, like fellow "Great British Bake Off" alum Nadiya Hussain — at least not yet. According to one of his recent tweets, Carter-Bailey wants the Food Network to cast him in one of its many competition shows.

Carter-Bailey retweeted on August 19 a Mashed tweet linking to our exclusive interview with him, about his No. 1 cake baking tip. "I'll give you a clue," he said in his retweet, "it involves cups." (Keep scrolling to learn more.) Then he followed up with an additional tweet: "Side note @FoodNetwork I'm up for 'Cake Wars.'"

We can certainly picture Carter-Bailey on the "Cake Wars" set with host Jonathan Bennett and the other baker contestants. That might be a lot to ask of Food Network, however. At the very least, someone is going to have to go into storage and dust off the show's props. While "Cake Wars" had a nice five-season run, per IMDb, it hasn't seen the airwaves since early 2017.