The 2 Celebrities Steven Carter-Bailey Got To Bake Cakes For - Exclusive

Serious talk: who wouldn't want a cake prepared by Great British Bake Off superstar Steven Carter-Bailey? The 2017 runner-up and the 2019 "Great New Year Bake Off" winner may not have his own Netflix show, like champion Nadiya Hussain ... yet, but don't underestimate him. The baker clearly has cake frosting running through his veins. If you haven't met Carter-Bailey on your TV screen, this is a baker who looks up not to lofty Michelin-decorated professional patissiers, but to cooks. Think Ina Garten, Nigella LawsonRee Drummond, and — yes – Martha Stewart. "I would love to spend the day with Martha Stewart. A, because I think she's incredible. B, because I think she's insane, and just would have so much fun," Carter-Bailey told Mashed in an exclusive interview.

As for the cakes he bakes himself? Steven Carter-Bailey's famous BLT sandwich cake needs no introduction (via Daily Mail). The chocolate, honey, and almond-filled Swiss peaks cake, and Snicker's Banoffee pie recipes on his website are equally enticing. And while a Hollywood handshake is doubtless enough to prove his baking prowess, Carter-Bailey's skills have also gotten a thumbs up from a few A-list celebs.

Steven Carter-Bailey made Ian McKellen's birthday cake

If you follow Steven Carter-Bailey's Instagram, you probably already know the "Great British Bake Off" alum made — and presented — Ian McKellen with a cake for his 80th birthday. "I knew that it was his birthday coming up and I said, 'I'd love to make him a cake,'" Carter-Bailey explained to Mashed in an exclusive interview. "Just the chain of events kind of happened in the background, and my friend comes in and said, 'He'd love it. He would love to have a cake for his birthday.'" So Carter-Bailey — who already knew McKellen's cake preferences — made him a blue and gold chocolate cake and headed over to London's Harold Pinter Theater, where the legendary actor was on tour. 

"I think he's probably the only person I've ever had, like celebrity fear," Carter-Bailey remembered. "I was so just confused, baffled, amazed, shocked, and stunned in silence. Because, I mean, this is Gandalf. As well as this incredible Shakespearian actor who has, I think he had 65 years on the stage at that point. He's just the most incredible character, but he was so polite, he was so kind." That picture that you're looking at? Turns out, McKellen asked Cater-Bailey for it, and not vice-versa. "I was just so gobsmacked," Carter-Bailey admitted to Mashed. "I stood there like an idiot really, just for like 10 minutes while he spoke to me."

The inside scoop on Jonathan Van Ness's cinnamon roll cake

The cake that Steven Carter-Bailey gave Jonathan Van Ness? That was also set up through a friend. In this case, it happened through a friend who you might have heard of: Tan France. (No big deal, or anything.) "Tan was touring the U.K. with his book and he'd said, 'Oh, you know Jonathan's coming over to do the same, why don't you surprise him with a cake?'" Carter-Bailey recounted to Mashed. That's exactly what Steven Carter-Bailey did, working with Van Ness's personal assistant to ensure that the "Queer Eye" star had no clue what was coming. France told Carter-Bailey that Van Ness was a fan of cinnamon rolls, so the baker surprised Van Ness with a custom-made cake in his dressing room after an event. 

The rest is history. "He's so sweet and kind and loving, and he's everything that you see and more. He's very affectionate. He was so touched that somebody had done that," Carter-Bailey remembered. "He's one of those people that has never lost touch with reality through the fame process. He's still a young boy who had a cake." 

If you want to see more of Steven Carter-Bailey's awe-inspiring bakes, check out his Instagram. For recipe inspiration, got to Carter-Bailey's webpage.