Little Caesars Pretzel Pizza: What To Know Before Ordering

Just as the Romans' ingenuity inspired them to repave the roads of dirt and mud with flat stone, so did Little Caesars own ingenuity inspire them to pave cheese upon a pretzel crust. The pizzeria, commonly known for its Hot-N'-Ready Pizzas and $5 lunch combos (via Little Caesars) has once again brought a moment of ingenuity and brilliance to a world tired of the old  and "crust"-y song and dance. Using a buttery soft pretzel crust, laying cheddar cheese sauce upon it, and then topping with a hearty combination of mozzarella, muenster, and pepperoni, Little Caesars has created its famous Pretzel Crust Pizza.

From the deliciously simple "original" to the stuffed variety so decadent that it should be hung in the beautiful ruins of the Roman temples, the Pretzel Crust Pizza has entered into a cult-classic status with Little Caesars fans everywhere. So popular is the pretzel pie, that a petition in March 2021 to bring it back caused such resounding success that it once more returned for a limited time to the eager hands of the legionnaires of the small Roman leader's pizza chain.

But, what exactly is in this Pretzel Crust Pizza? Is it any good? Is it any good for me? Fortunately, you needn't look anywhere else for the answers.

How much does a Little Caesars Pretzel Pizza cost?

Of course, to purchase a Pretzel Crust Pizza is as easy as saying you'll do it, but due to its limited availability (previously, it was available until March 28 of this year, via BrandEating) a part of you worries that you may be paying high price because of the rarity of it. Fortunately for you, your family, and your wallet, Little Caesars is in the business of Hot N' Ready Pizza, not Expensive and Slow Pizza. You can purchase the Original Pretzel Crust for only a fair asking price of $6, and $9 for the Stuffed Pretzel Crust Pizza. In certain locations, when the treasured pizza returns, you may be able to get a Pretzel Crust Meal Deal, which includes a large Pretzel Pizza, a Crazy Combo (Crazy Bread and Crazy Sauce), and a two-liter Pepsi for just $10.

For those of you who would prefer something a little less cheesy, the stuffed crust variety can be customized with sauce for the same price.

Is The Pretzel Crust Pizza Good For You?

First off, this is a pizza with a salty pretzel crust and slathered in cheese and meat, so it's not exactly the superfood you're looking for to supplement your diet. But for the conscious consumer who wants to ensure they aren't overeating but still wants to enjoy a snack every now and then, the following is a good idea of what to expect from ordering your pretzel pizza.

According to Fast Food Nutrition, a slice of the pizza consists of 270 calories, with the most calories coming from fat (37%) and carbohydrates (46%). Per serving, you get about 11 grams of fat (with 4.5 grams being saturated fat), 20mg of cholesterol, and 31 grams of carbohydrates. Combine that with the Crazy Bread calories (which itself is 100 calories per stick, 3 grams of fat, 1mg of cholesterol, and 16g of carbohydrates), you would get 14 grams of fat, 21mg of cholesterol, and 47 grams of carbs.

Is the Pretzel Crust Pizza any good?

Okay, now you know how much it costs, and you know how many calories are involved. The question of the day then becomes: Is this pretzel crust pizza any good? It all depends on your taste, of course. You may savor the idea of a soft cheesy pretzel crust, but others may balk at the idea of such a salty combination. In order to help you make an informed choice, we've compiled a few reviews to help present the bigger picture.

Heather of The Plain Cheese food review blog describes the pizza as being "overwhelmingly cheesy." Heather describes the first bites as eating "cheesy bread," and while the pretzel crust on her pizza is a bit flat, the flavor is great and the salt isn't too overbearing.

In his review, Andy Kryza of Thrillist stated that the pizza is pretty much an explosion of salt for him, and that thanks to it's "un-screw-up-able" nature (the pizza being pretzel bread with cheese, basically), it makes a pretty good and inexpensive pizza to share. 

Fast Food Menu Prices laments that it's not the healthiest pizza in the world, but in their words, "Both the Pretzel Pizza and Stuffed Pretzel Crust are excellent choices for families, kids, or a Friday night with Netflix. This pizza never disappoints."

Was Little Caesars the first to experiment with pretzel crusts?

Just as there is a mob of fried chicken purveyors who claim to have invented the best chicken sandwich today, there was a certain other who tried to lay claim to the best combination of pretzel and pizza. It should come as no surprise that such a stunt came from one of the biggest pizza innovators in the mainstream restaurant scene: Pizza Hut.

Known for innovations like the "Hot Dog Crust" pizza (via Delish) and the "Grilled Cheese" stuffed crust (also via Delish), in November 2014 Pizza Hut boldly introduced their "Flavor of Now" menu (via Pizza Hut). This new menu introduced 10 new crusts flavors, six new signature sauces, five new toppings, and four new drizzles. Joining this line-up was the exclusive Salted Pretzel flavor. This salt-brushed crust was even part of its own unique pizzas: "Pretzel Piggy" and "Hot and Twisted." 

But wait a moment! Didn't Little Caesars come out with their pretzel crust in 2014 too? Yes. In fact, they released their pretzel crust just two months before Pizza Hut announced their "Flavor of Now" menu (via Franchising). While it's evident Pizza Hut had beaten out the little guy with a wide variety of dazzling flavors and a more expansive menu, perhaps there is some victory for Little Caesar in the end: Little Caesars Pretzel Crust ended another successful run in 2021, while Pizza Hut's pretzel crust is nowhere to be seen.

When can I get Little Caesar's Pretzel Crust?

Unfortunately, as of right now, Little Caesars doesn't seem to have the beloved salty crust on their menu. Indeed, we're six months out into a Pretzel Crust-less world. There's nothing else really to do but wait until the Big Caesar at Little Caesars decide to bring out the chewy, buttery, and salty crust once again.

If you are craving some pretzel pizza right now, there are a few recipes for a pretzel-styled pizza crust that can hold you over. The Cookie Rookie offers you a pizza styled directly after Little Caesars' own pizza, complete with crisp pepperoni and gooey cheese on a soft pretzel crust using store-bought dough. Yep Recipes also offers you a bacon-cheese pretzel crust pizza, which although requires a bit more elbow grease to make compared to the first recipe, is pretty much a home-run based on its name alone. 

Be sure to keep an eye on Little Caesars social media — perhaps one day soon, they'll announce something that surely get you tied up like a pretzel in excitement.