What Guy Fieri's Home Kitchen Looks Like

A well-known celebrity chef like Guy Fieri sure knows how to ensure that his cooking setup is in place and fits his requirements. Per Closer Weekly, he has a gorgeous home in Santa Rosa, California where he stays with his family. His 6,000-square-foot home is a dream come true: It has four comfortable bedrooms, three bathrooms, a massive 1000-square-foot kitchen, a dining area, and so much more. But that's probably because, as Closer Weekly notes, Fieri and his wife Lori "completely gutted" the ranch-style house and rebuilt it to their specifications after moving in decades ago.

Fieri said that his kitchen not only serves as the location where he comes up with all his impressive dishes, it's also so cozy and welcoming that his family often spends quality time there. "It's the main focal point, where the kids do homework and where we have meetings," he explained to Deseret News in 2011. "It's the center of the house." And yes, it's his favorite spot at home, as well. Fieri said that whenever he's at home, he uses the time to figure out the menu and cook for everyone. Here's a peak inside the heart of Fieri's home.

Inside Guy Fieri's beautiful space

Per Closer Weekly, Guy Fieri's kitchen is as perfect as you would expect it to be. It comes equipped with a massive wooden island, lots of open space, and impressive appliances. It was even featured on his TV show, "Guy's Ranch Kitchen," where he was seen chilling with celebrity chefs such as Alex Guarnaschelli and Jonathan Waxman.

Fieri's "massive porch-kitchen" also features "a wood-burning pizza oven, a massive grill, and several tricked-out ranges" (via Eater). Additionally, there are his-and-hers refrigerators with self-closing doors, three foot-pedal sinks, a fully digital jukebox, a flat-top griddle, and more (per Food Network). Phew! Also, for Fieri, his kitchen serves as his home office and a space where he can spend a lot of time without worrying about anything else. Oh, and because it's Fieri's kitchen, expect to spot a Viking gas wok burner that lets the chef get basic tasks done with ease. As he explained, Fieri really dislikes "waiting for a huge pot of pasta to boil." Impressive much?