The Dunkin' Secret Menu Hot Chocolate Coffee Lovers Need To Know

Since Dunkin' is such a large coffee chain, it's no surprise that they keep rolling out creative drinks and menu items. Whether it's three coffee drinks to celebrate the summer or pumpkin-based fall-inspired beverages, Dunkin' always gives its customers something new to enjoy and show off.

While the donut and coffee chain has plenty of great menu items that are released all year-round, Dunkin' fans should also know about the secret menu. Even if you don't drink coffee, these Dunkin' secret menu items still give you plenty to sip on; options like Chocolate-Covered Raspberry Hot Chocolate and Coconut Mint Hot Chocolate can satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. While these drinks can easily win anyone over, the chain has one secret item tailored to fans of coffee and chocolate that can get anyone drooling — the Dirty Hot Chocolate.

How to order a dirty hot chocolate

If you like mochas, then a Dirty Hot Chocolate serves as a nice alternative when you want to try switching up your order. It's also great for hot chocolate fans who don't love the taste of drip coffee or any customer who wants an extra sweet cup of morning joe.

Dirty hot chocolate is simple to order — it's just Dunkin' hot chocolate with a shot of espresso in it, according to Wide Open Eats. The difference between this and a normal hot chocolate is just the espresso, much like the difference between chai and dirty chai. For anyone who needs an extra boost in the morning, you can even add more than one shot of espresso. Like with any secret menu item, let the barista know your customizations instead of just relying on the name of the drink itself, although Dirty Hot Chocolate is more straightforward than some fancier drinks.

If you can't go to Dunkin', don't sweat it. You can always whip up a hot chocolate at home and just add some coffee to the drink for that extra boost to start your day right.