Jamie Oliver's Son's Ice Cream Smile Might Be The Cutest Thing On The Internet

Jamie Oliver is known worldwide for his peeled-back approach to cooking. As Food Network notes, his first show, "The Naked Chef," made a splash, serving as inspiration for home chefs with his "laid-back outlook," which they noted "was like a breath of fresh air." But as is the case with most celebs, his cooking isn't the only thing in the limelight. His home life is too. According to My London News, Oliver has five children, albeit with some interesting names, and neither he, nor his wife, Jool, are shy about showing them off to the public.

Just as Duff Goldman made fans smile wide when he posted a photo of his a son gracing the top of his TV screen dressed as a football for the Baltimore Raven's game, and Gordon Ramsay made us go aw when he posted an adorable photo of his son Oscar stepping into his shoes, literally, Jamie Oliver's photo of his son is making waves. Watch out, Duff and Gordon. Jamie Oliver's son is coming to take the cake ... or, in this case, the ice cream cone.

Some may scream, but others smile

Chef Jamie Oliver recently posted a picture of one of his sons grinning from ear to ear, teeth in full display. The adorable blond boy is holding a melting vanilla ice cream cone with what looks to be a Flake bar as a topping. Oliver posted the photo to his Instagram account with the caption: "That cheeky smile." And while his wife called him out for "that dodgy in between meal ice cream," there's no denying that cheeky it is — not to mention adorable!

The fans seem to agree, as the post has garnered nearly 30,000 likes in just about 15 hours. Followers shared adoring sentiments like, "Omg this makes Melbourne lockdown 1000x better." 

Another Instagram user simply wrote, "What a smile!" 

The fans seems to agree with Jamie, posting was definitely the right thing to do — and it's the content we need in these trying times.