A&W's 'Cheddar Weather' Clothing Line Comes With An Unexpectedly Hefty Price Tag

The burger-slinging restaurant chain A&W is making its first foray into the fashion world with a new collection of artisan-crafted pieces that will complete any root beer-sipping fashionista's fall wardrobe. And, like most high-end fashion, some of the items in A&W's quirky collection come with a hefty price tag.

The Kentucky-based company's collection is the latest in a trend of nostalgic food-themed clothing lines by the likes of Pepsi, McDonald's, Arby's, and Pizza Hut. But what sets A&W's collection apart from the others is a series of collaborations with independent artisans and a corresponding higher price point, with items ranging from $25 to an eye-popping $715.

In a press release, A&W unveiled the "high-end collection of apparel and accessories that highlights the real star of the [fall] season: A&W Cheese Curds made from 100% Wisconsin White Cheddar Cheese," per QSR Magazine. To complete their evolution from fast food joint into trendsetters, A&W styled the Cheddar Weather pieces in a "highly editorial" shoot, complete with models striking a pose on a dairy farm for a "Cheddar Weather Lookbook." 

The Cheddar Weather collection — which heavily features A&W's trademark brown and orange color scheme — was created in partnership with the Kentucky-based ad agency Coomer and features the work of a lineup of U.S.-based artisans, artists, and designers. 

A&W's fall clothing collection has a mix of high-end and affordable pieces

Some of the stand-out items in A&W's collaborative collection are also the priciest of the set. The first is a pair of "one-of-a-kind, hand-painted" work boots made in partnership with the legendary Wisconsin-based boot brand Thorogood, featuring the illustrations of Kentucky-based artist Caylie Mindling. The boots, which prominently feature the words "cheese" and "curd" across the toe, will set buyers back $715.

Other stand-outs include a $500 A&W letterman's jacket created by the Ohio-based Universal Lettering Co., which features custom embroidered chenille patches hand-stitched onto a brown letterman-style jacket. There's also a playfully printed $350 insulated fanny pack made by the textile company Henry designed in collaboration with Brooklyn-based Savant Studios. 

Pricier items in the collection include a $120 Cheddar Weather baseball cap created by Pennsylvania-based Stockbridge Sewing Works — which features vintage wool, leather straps, and a brass buckle — and embroidered $50 bandanas crafted on a vintage Singer sewing machine by textile artist Bri Bowers. For those on a tighter budget, A&W also has some slightly more affordable items for your fall fashion needs, including accessories like a cozy knit vintage pom beanie featuring the words "Cheddar Weather" and a custom knit Cheese Curds scarf — each priced at $45. The most affordable option is a Minor League Baseball Tee, featuring bright orange arms and a colorful illustration of an A&W at a price of $25. A $50 Champion sweatshirt emblazoned with the same illustration has already sold out online. 

Curd-loving fashionistas can shop the full collection now via the Cheddar Weather website for a limited time and while supplies last.