How Rachael Ray Pictures The First Meal She Would Eat In Heaven

Rachael Ray is no short of inspiring when it comes to her career. The famous chef has recently been in headlines as she has opened up about her disastrous house fire and struggles from Hurricane Ida. However, through her challenges, Ray continued her career, which is arguably stronger than ever.

Ray just built a Tuscan dream home and to be honest, we are incredibly jealous. Achieving this life goal led her to her "best life" of luxury and family roots. Although living in one of the world's most respected food regions isn't Ray's only food fantasy. She's also dreaming about a very specific future meal.

If there is one last meal you could eat before leaving this earth, what would it be? That is way too tough of a question for us to answer. And, it turns out, it was difficult for Ray as well. According to Daily Mail, Ray said she would not be able to enjoy a last meal.

Rachael Ray would go back to her Italian roots

That said, when she does go to heaven, Rachael Ray hopes to be met with a classic Italian meal. This includes spaghetti aglio e olio with tons of anchovies, garlic, parsley, chili, and extra virgin olive oil. Totally mouthwatering. And it doesn't stop there, as Ray's late grandfather had a special dish she would love to eat again as well.

According to the Daily Mail, Ray's grandfather cooked fish with onions, potatoes, tomatoes, wine, and lemon. Rachael explained that she would share this time with her grandfather over Sicilian wine. Not only is this totally adorable, but it also sounds like the perfect meal to match her second home in Tuscany.

During an interview with Food Network, the cooking mogul explained that her grandpa and first dog, Boo, would be her first choice dinner party guests. Of course Boo would want some butternut squash for his meal, because what dog doesn't dream of that? All we know is this heartfelt display is making us want to cook family dinner tonight.