Rachael Ray Officially Reached Her 'Life Goal' With New Home In Tuscany

While she might have started with "30 Minute Meals," Rachael Ray has reached a new goal that will have her living her food fantasy for a long time. In a recent article published by People, Ray revealed that she achieved her "life goal." As she enjoys her new home in Tuscany, the celebrated food personality explains that living her best life is about more than the lap of luxury. There is a deep connection to the land. From her family having roots in the area to the location of her wedding, Tuscany was a "no-brainer" as her second home.

The journey to make this lush landscape into her dream locale was not necessarily the one that she had envisioned. As she told People, after dealing with renovations, the loss of her dog, and the pandemic, finally being able to step back on Tuscan soil and breathe the air "filled with the scent of agricultural wonder" seems to have rejuvenated her. Even though her New York home was lost to a fire earlier this year, this new beginning offers a bounty to be explored.

From food to culture, Ray looks to share this next great adventure with everyone. After all, that culinary journey does not necessarily require a passport, but it does benefit from an open mind.

Rachel Ray shares why she believes food transports people

As Rachel Ray celebrates living her best life in her Tuscan second home, the popular chef offered some simple advice about connecting food and culture on a plate. In her conversation with People, Ray said, "I've always said that cooking and eating food from a certain region or place can transport you. So whether or not you can go to Italy, you can have a Tuscan night." That sentiment has been adopted by home cooks recently. Many people have used the dinner table to explore food and flavor. Just because the passport sat in a drawer doesn't mean that a culinary journey couldn't happen on a plate.

In addition, Ray believes that enjoying "food at a communal table with the ones you love is the best way to live richly." While few people might have a second home in another country, the truth is that everyone can live a life well-lived. Being rich isn't about dollars in the bank, it is about feeling fulfilled. Whether that idea is enjoying a favorite food, good company, or setting a new goal, Ray's message is clear: "You don't have to be rich to live a rich life," but you do have to be open to enjoying it.