Twitter Is Heated Over This Miracle Whip Vs. Mayo Tuna Salad Debate

Love it or hate it, the tuna salad sandwich is one of the most quintessential sandwiches in the United States. It's been a staple in lunchboxes of kids and adults alike ever since canned tuna became a hot commodity in the United States in the early 20th century (via Smithsonian Magazine). With its fishy taste and even fishier smell, tuna salad in and of itself is a divisive topic (those that hate it really hate it). But it turns out that what it's made of is equally divisive. While there are plenty of optional mix-ins, like celery, onions, or hard-boiled eggs, some type of liquid condiment is a must to hold the tuna together. 

But which condiment should be everyone's go-to? Miracle Whip has been trending on Twitter as people debate whether you should use Kraft's sweeter dressing or actual mayonnaise for tuna salad. Here's what Twitter users have to say.

People can't decide which condiment is best for making tuna salad

In the Twitter Miracle Whip vs. mayonnaise debate, there's no clear winner. It seems that for every person who votes for Miracle Whip, another person votes against it in favor of mayo (or what some are calling sandwich spread). "Tuna fish sandwiches made with Miracle Whip are the gold standard," one person tweeted. Many others added that it's a nostalgic flavor they remember from growing up. But those on team mayonnaise don't agree. "Miracle Whip does not belong in tuna salad or on this f**king planet," according to a detractor (via Twitter). Someone else added, "Using Miracle Whip in tuna salad is like putting Cool Whip on pie instead of real whipping cream."

There's a third side to the saga, however: those who think you should just eat what you want and that there really shouldn't be any argument at all. "Let people enjoy food," one tweet pleaded. "End of discussion."