The Best Boozy Beverages Coming To Aldi In October 2021

If Aldi isn't part of your shopping routine yet, there's good reason why you'll want to start making regular visits. Not only does the store offer great prices on so many foods and beverages, but there's also exciting non-edible surprises like frying pans, dorm décor, pet outfits, bath towels, garden hoses, and more "I didn't even know I needed this" items!

Of course, seasonal foods and beverages are also part of what makes Aldi so special. Whether they're bringing back a favorite classic like their wine, beer, cheese, or chocolate Advent calendars or introducing brand-new seasonal offerings, there's nothing like a trip to the chain to get you into the spirit of any season.

Now that it is officially fall, Aldi is ready to help put you in a cozy, autumnal mood with some beverages that were just made for celebrating.  Cheers!

State of Brewing Chocolate Stout

Stouts are known for their distinctive, dark color and nearly opaque appearance, thanks to the black patent malt from which they are made. State of Brewing Chocolate Stout is a high-alcohol beer that's absolutely delicious, with flavors of dark roast coffee and chocolate combined with the creaminess of milk and sugar. Pair this stout with foods like cherry pie, dark chocolate cake, aged cheese, barbecue ribs, or a pot roast. Available now, the 12-ounce four-packs are just $5.99.

Violet House Red Blend

From California's Central Coast, Violet House Red Blend sounds perfect for a warm night around the fire. This deep, dark blend of various red wines is complex with ripe tannins. It has the aromas of red and black berries and a spicy note of currant. It pairs nicely with grilled meats, pastas with red sauce, and of course, chocolate! It's available starting October 6, and sells for $7.99 for a 750-milliliter bottle.

Palazzo Nobile Il Vero Red Blend

Wine blends are always exciting. Instead of a single variety, you get layers of flavor from different grapes. Experienced winemakers often come up with combinations of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Syrah, and other diverse reds. This Italian "Il Vero" red from Palazzo Nobile looks deep, dark, and intriguing. Pair it with steak, lamb, or pastas with red sauces. It's available starting October 13 for $5.99 per bottle.

Wicked Grove Cranberry Hard Cider

Nothing says fall like a crisp cider, and this one from Wicked Grove is no exception. Plus, who doesn't love cranberries at this time of year? This Cranberry Hard Cider is both sweet and tart, and sounds perfectly refreshing. Enjoy this crisp sip on its own or serve it with burgers, something spicy, or any kind of cheese. Available starting October 15, a six-pack of 12-ounce bottles is $7.99.

Petit Peppermint Bark

Last year, Aldi offered a seasonal Petit Toffee Buttermint blend of wine, with toffee buttermint flavoring, cream, and chocolate. This year, they're offering a similar sip, but this time in the flavor of your favorite peppermint bark candy. It's a white wine blended with peppermint and chocolate flavors and cream — and perfect for those who like to occasionally drink their dessert! You can buy it starting October 15 for $7.99 per bottle.

Quarter Cut Bourbon Barrel Chardonnay

Here's an interesting concept: Aging wine in bourbon barrels. The process balances out the dry, medium-bodied, crisp wine variety with the rich flavor that comes from charred barrels that were once used to age high-quality American whiskey. Starting October 15, Aldi will sell an award-winning Quarter Cut Bourbon Barrel California Chardonnay, which costs $9.99 for a 750-milliliter bottle.

Christkindl Mulled Wines

Christkindl Mulled Wines are a Christmas treat from the Nuremberg region of Germany. They're infused with spices, made for drinking warm, and come in several flavors including cherry, which is available this fall at Aldi. Another Christkindl mulled wine variety is Gluhwein, which translates to "glow wine," for the hot irons Germans once used to warm the beverage. Christkindl Mulled Wine's cherry variety is available at Aldi beginning October 15. A one-liter bottle is $5.99.

Wicked Grove Hard Cider Variety Pack

If you want to try Wicked Grove Ciders, but aren't sure which might be your favorite, pick up this sampler and try all the fall flavors they offer. There's pear, cinnamon, and crisp apple varieties in every 12-pack. These refreshing ciders have 5% alcohol content. The Wicked Grove Hard Cider Variety Pack is available at Aldi starting October 20, and this 12-bottle case sells for $14.99.

In The Pink Pink Moscato

This favorite Aldi wine is returning for fall, even though it might have been great over the summer too! It has the flavors of strawberries, melons, and other tropical fruits (via Yahoo). This pretty South African wine is party-sized value with the 1.5-liter bottle (the equivalent of two standard bottles of wine) selling for just $7.99. It's available beginning October 27.