RR:MM: Release Date, Episodes, And More - What We Know So Far

Rachael Ray may not be a traditionally trained "chef," but when it comes to the first half of "celebrity chef," she's still killing it. Sure, Ray has made some kitchen blunders, but just think of her as a "food entertainer" in the same way that most pro-wrestlers are "sports entertainers." As her fans know, watching her put on a show in the kitchen is what it's all about.

Speaking of shows (and kitchens) did you know Rachael Ray's got a new one in the works? You do if you follow her on social media since she's recently been teasing it. No, we're not talking about her upcoming "Rachael Ray's Italian Dream Home" show, the one filmed as she and her husband John Cusimano renovated a villa in Tuscany. No, this new show of hers, called "RR:MM," is something that hits a bit closer to home — probably because it's filmed in Ray's own kitchen.

When will the show be released?

Mark your calendars, Rachael Ray fans! There are less than two weeks to go until a very big day for all things Ray. "RR:MM" is set to release on October 19, according to a recent Facebook post by the celebrity chef. Coincidentally — or totally uncoincidentally (most likely the latter, since Rachael's nothing if not media-savvy) — this is date that her Tuscan villa renovation show will also start airing (via Rachael Ray Show).

If you absolutely, positively cannot wait to see what Ray and her husband have been up to, she has posted a "sneak peek" not only on her Facebook page, but also on her Instagram account. And yes, don't worry. Even if the events of a few days ago have you less inclined to trust those two platforms, you can also watch an extra-long sneak preview on her Twitter page, as well. Judging by the length of the clip, hosted by Free Food Studios, it looks like this "peek" may be less of a trailer than an entire preview episode.

What does the title 'RR:MM' mean?

One question that all of us were probably wondering about when we saw the title of Rachael Ray's new show was, what the heck does "RR:MM" even mean? Okay, the "RR" part we can make a pretty good guess at, but "MM?" Her co-star in the show, after all, is a JC — her husband John Cusimano. So MM is ... her favorite candy? The Roman numeral for 2,000? The late, great Marilyn Monroe? Even a hashtag search on Facebook, while it does bring up the sneak peek video for Ray's show, also features numerous posts relating to the Redeemed Riders Motorcycle Ministry, a group with which Rachael Ray does not appear to be affiliated.

At long last, all our scrolling was rewarded when someone commented on the Facebook video: "Still trying to figure out what MM means." Rachel Ray herself was kind enough to reply: "Meals (in) Minutes!! Xo." Love you too, Rachael Ray, and thanks for the explanation!

Where can you watch each episode?

Don't look for Rachael Ray's new show to air on Food Network, or even on any of the major streaming services. In fact, it won't even be airing on the same platform as the dream home show, since that one will be streamed on A&E's Facebook page. Instead, Ray's own Facebook Watch page will be streaming each episode as it comes out. To date, we do not know a set schedule for when the show's episodes are set to air, but a similar show from last year, "#STAYHOME with Rachael Ray," posted new episodes twice per week.

As for the length of each episode, the aforementioned "sneak peek" leads us to believe that they'll run about 35 minutes long, although that could vary. Rachael Ray, her husband John Cusimano, and their production crew (according to Ray, they "recruited some friends" to fill this role, per Facebook) aren't bound by TV constraints. This means that the episodes can last as long as it takes to put food on the table. In the preview clip, it looks like we can expect one of the recipes to include pork chops with sweet onions and apples. We'll just have to wait and see when we tune in (the week after) next week to hear such classic Rachael Ray one-liners as "This'll put hair on your chest ... Which in my family is not that rare, sadly, for the women." How good is that?