Aldi Fans Are In Love With This Peanut Butter Cookie-Eating Rat

There are very few things that the internet can agree on these days, but one opinion that might be shared by a vast majority of the 5 billion people that Statista says surf the world wide web in 2022 is that cute animal videos are the absolute best. That wouldn't be a coincidence either. According to Very Well Mind, there is evidence that suggests watching such content is a major mood booster that also helps relieve stress. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that when a clip of an adorable rat snacking on a cookie showed up on the Aldi subreddit page this week, the internet immediately fell in love.

Redditor u/jamiej27 was the provider of the serotonin boost, taking to the grocery store's corner of Reddit on October 7 to share a video in which their pet rat, Snoot, was the star. The 12-second clip captured the rodent living its best life as it sat on a cozy couch while munching on a Benton's Peanut Butter Filled Cookie, which it certainly seemed to enjoy. "You feed me Aldi cookies!" u/jamiej27 wrote before assuring their fellow Redditors that Snoot's afternoon snack was safe for him to enjoy. "P.S. chocolate isn't at all poisonous to rats, high in sugar yes, so it is fed sparingly, but Snoot is really old and his appetite isn't what it once was if he wants cookies I'll make sure he gets a few nibbles!" You can have some of our cookies too, Snoot!

Snoot the rat has 'reviewed' several Aldi products

Aldi shoppers already have a love affair with Benton's Peanut Butter Filled Cookies, and seeing Snoot the rat get a chance to indulge in them certainly brought joy to the grocery store's fans on Reddit. "Oh my God what a doll!! I love this," one person commented in response to u/jamiej27's video of their adorable pet. "I love those cookies. Snoot totally deserves to enjoy one!" another Redditor added. The cute clip of Snoot was even able to win over the heart of one Reddit user that wasn't a fan of rodents. "I can't stand rats but this little buddy is an exception," u/XxxGoldDustWomanxxX said.

This wasn't Snoot's first appearance on the Aldi subreddit page. The rodent has "reviewed" a number of snacks from the grocery store, including raspberries, animal crackers, and even Jaffa Cakes from the chain's yearly German Week event (via Reddit), so you can go ahead and forget about getting anything else done for the rest of the day. Don't feel bad about ditching work in favor of checking out more pictures and videos of this little guy, either. According to Very Well Mind, there is some evidence that looking at pictures of cute animals can actually increase productivity, so you might actually be doing yourself a favor in the long run.