The Ingredient Erin French Believes Made The Lost Kitchen A Success

Erin French makes us all want to move to Maine. Per The New York Times, the self-trained chef from a city appropriately named Freedom, put the quaint spot on the map with her "intimate" restaurant called The Lost Kitchen. This also happens to be the name of her series on the Magnolia NetworkChip and Joanna Gaines' latest venture. The series documents French's restaurant experience as it serves up what Food & Wine describes as "not fancy," but definitely "sophisticated" fare for a limited number of lucky diners. French explained to The Times that she does not limit the number of seats to make it "exclusive," but rather she said, "It's the way I'd want it to feel at someone's house."

French's The Lost Kitchen is now a coveted dining spot only the lucky few can brag about savoring. But what makes her food so special? Is it the fact that, as Food & Wine points out, French only uses local produce? French revealed, "I get the best produce. My friend will text me a photo of a cauliflower in her field, and I'll say, 'Bring me 12 of those.'" Magnolia Network certainly believes it's all in the ingredients French chooses, tweeting, "Erin French's fried chicken is served hot with a bouquet of sage, rosemary, thyme, and lavender tucked inside." 

Our taste buds are churning! But if you ask French what's the one ingredient that made her restaurant a success, she has her own thoughts.

Erin French's special ingredient is a four-letter word

In the promo for the much anticipated Season 2 of "The Lost Kitchen," Erin French says, "The magic of The Lost Kitchen was never defined by the four walls around us. When your best ingredient is love, that's what makes it right there. It's what we bring to the table that's the magic, the magic that we have inside of us, and we can take that anywhere." French's simple, but beautiful and loving approach is so inspiring. It is definitely a cornerstone of her rich success. And her attention to all the seemingly little details really allows her love language to shine through. 

In April, French told People, "I love caring for people. It's the setting of the table. It's getting the lights just right. It's the music. Watching everyone have that experience is my greatest joy." If you are excited to learn more about French and The Lost Kitchen, perhaps it's one destination you should add to your bucket list. Oh, and mark your calendars, because, per the Magnolia Network, Season 2 is set to premiere on October 22 on discovery+. We can't wait!