Twitter Is Thankful For This Hilarious Turkey Dinner Candy Corn Review

Here's an anomaly worth considering: In the wide world of seasonal candy — from Halloween and Christmas to Valentine's Day and Easter — why isn't there a Thanksgiving-themed candy? Incredible when you think about it, right? This must be, roughly, how the elevator pitch for Brach's Turkey Dinner Candy Corn began.

"Brach's Turkey Dinner what?" you ask. Yes, you read that correctly. Brach's, the maker of classic Halloween treats like candy corn and candy pumpkins (and countless other holiday staples like Jelly Drops, Star Brites, and Conversation Hearts), also has a line of Thanksgiving-themed candies: Brach's Turkey Dinner Candy Corn. The product is advertised as a "sweet and savory Thanksgiving feast" and has included flavors like green beans, roasted turkey, stuffing, coffee, cranberry sauce, and apple pie (via Twitter). It's currently having a moment on Twitter, thanks to a hilarious (and trending) review from an online registered dietitian, @momofnorank. 

The taste is 'unforgivable'

The registered dietitian, who has a small following on Twitter of just over 2,600, shared their thoughts on Brach's Turkey Dinner Candy Corn in a recent 18-part thread, in which she evaluates each variety of the six-flavor collection. Unsurprisingly, not a single flavor comes off well in her review: the green bean candy corn is "unforgivable" and tastes like "a cup of green tea [left] on the porch in bad weather for a week," while the stuffing variety is deemed "an unrepentant violation of the Geneva Convention," savoring of "hate and sage." The best review is of the coffee flavor: "[Coffee] is the best one," she concedes. "[...] And it's terrible."

Fans loved it, showering @momofnorank with thousands of likes and thanking her for her humorous review. "Thank you so very much," one follower posted. "My ex loves candy corn. I will send him a package. Did I mention he owes me money?" A few commenters had stories to share of other, ill-conceived Thanksgiving-themed products, including a canned thanksgiving meal (via Twitter) and a line of Thanksgiving-flavored sodas.