This Viral TikTok Will Make You Want To Airfry Your Next Breakfast

TikTok isn't just for dance trends — we've discovered plenty of great hacks and recipes from the food side of the app. From game-changing TikTok food hacks to the worst food hacks on the app, we've seen them all. If you're addicted to scrolling through TikTok to find the latest and most popular snack trends, you may have seen a recipe for air fryer pasta chips. Now, TikTok user @emillyrosax3 is showing us another way we can use our air fryers to make a quick breakfast in this video. All you need to do is put sliced bread in your air fryer and top each slide with an egg, some bacon, and the seasonings of your choice. According to the comments, you should set your air fryer to 400 degrees F and cook for seven minutes.

It's that easy! Of course, you're able to personalize and customize this recipe as much as you want. One commenter wrote about adding garlic, chili flakes, green onions, diced bell peppers, hot sauce, and parsley to this breakfast. Keep this toast simple or dress it up and make it fancier!

Here are some more tips for this TikTok breakfast

Wondering if you should give this a try? While you can just dive right in and give this air fryer breakfast hack a shot, turning to the comments section is never a bad move. Some commenters from this video were excited to make this dish in the morning, but others thought it could use some tweaking. One TikTok user said that their eggs kept coming off the bread, and one response recommended making a little dent where the egg can stay. Another commenter said to cook the bacon separately since it wasn't completely done.

Mashable also gave this air fryer breakfast trick a try, and here's their review: "The toast was crunchy. The bacon was crispy and cooked through, though if you had super thick cut bacon that might not be the case. The egg was, in spots, overcooked. ... But the crispy bits of egg white on top of the toast were actually pretty good and reminiscent of egg fried on high heat."

This is a good solution to making breakfast under a time crunch, and we love this creativity. But if you like runny eggs, this might not work out well since the bacon would come out undercooked. Luckily, there are still other ways to use your air fryer to whip up breakfast. Check out the secret to making air fryer hash browns or use one to make hard-boiled eggs.