Instagram Can't Get Over Lorde's 'Controversial' Onion Ring Review

While some people cracked the code a long time ago that Lorde was behind an anonymous account @onionringsworldwide on Instagram, the onion ring review account is not overflowing with food photography to make the stomach grumble. Even though the social media account follows no one, many people appreciated reading the "relatable" moments of a superstar relishing the deliciousness of a great onion ring.

Although Lorde's onion ring-rating social media account only has 13 posts, the descriptions associated with some of the photos are quite intriguing. The account melds a few tastes of her daily life, like the reference to "Gracing the cover of the great American fashion book is a very special day for any young witch however you slice it" with food descriptions of "nice crunch." It makes for many realistic "stars are just like us" moments. Even as Lorde admitted that the account was a fun thing to do with her friends, the account got a lot of buzz (via Today). After being dormant, a few recent posts have had people buzzing. While many of these reviews are for restaurants that some people may not be able to visit, a recent onion review features a snack that has legions of loyal fans. Although some people are salivating over all the new recent posts, a few people feel that this latest review might have made this onion ring account jump the shark.

Lorde discovers snackable onion rings

While some people might crave a hot, crispy onion ring straight from the fryer, sometimes that freshly made onion ring is not available, but some snackable onion rings are just a snack aisle away. On Lorde's @onionringsworldwide account, she recently discovered Funyuns. While she said that "she spotted these in the wild," some people were baffled that the songstress did not know that Funyuns previously existed. The user @hladetinofobia said, "Controversial Post Alert" and @Leslierobins_ commented, "I can't believe that you're just now discovering Funyuns." Many people were perplexed by her comments on these snackable onion rings.

Lorde described the Funyuns as "an onion ring by name, but where a ring of white, brown or red onion, crumbed or battered, crunchy or soft, should live, in its place a chip, a crunchy snack food in a foil bag." Although she longed for a real onion ring, she said that this "shelf stable snacking" didn't make her "mad." Whether or not Funyuns has really "flown under the radar" or Lorde is using her onion rings social media account for something else, remains to be seen. When a social media page goes from dormant to a flurry of posts in a few short days, there might be something tasty in the wings. And, it might not be a plate of onion rings straight from the fryer.