Exclusive Teaser: Andrew Zimmern's Family Dinner Is Back For Season 2

We might need Andrew Zimmern's "Family Dinner" more than ever. Screen time is eroding real human connection, and political disagreement is tearing the social fabric. A show about families coming together over food might be the perfect antidote. "In a world that is increasingly polarized, that, you know, defines itself by our differences; in a world where we need more patience, tolerance, and understanding, where is the best place to learn that?" Zimmern says in an interview with Parade. "Where is the best place to celebrate the human story? Where is the best place to eat food? It's at the family dinner table."

The concept is simple on Zimmern's "Family Dinner," which had its Season 1 premiere back in July on Chip and Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Network. Zimmern knocks on an American family's door, and they invite him in to get a close-up look at that mundane yet vital family ritual: cooking and eating food together. And while we can't taste the food through our screens, it sure does look good.

It's no surprise Magnolia Network announced back in August that "Family Dinner" was renewed for a second season (via The Hollywood Reporter). Mashed got access to an exclusive teaser, giving us a glimpse of who Zimmern will get to meet in his second tour of American families — and just as importantly, what he'll get to eat.

The food in Zimmern's Family Dinner Season 2 will make you hungry

Mashed's exclusive clip previewing Season 1 emphasized the "family" in "Family Dinner." The video conveyed just how important it is to preserve family stories and recipes. Mashed has another exclusive teaser, for Season 2 of "Family Dinner," and it definitely puts the "dinner" front and center.

Zimmern stands in a kitchen raving about a family's chicken dinner while it's still cooking. "The smell of garlic and thyme and chicken fat and coconut oil — AAAAHH!" Zimmern says, the joyful scream telling us he couldn't find the words to describe what all those smells were making him feel. In another scene, Zimmern practically drools as he anticipates enjoying a food first for him. "I've never had a golden king!" he says. He was referring to the crab, a smaller and milder cousin to the more popular red king crab (via Alaskan King Crab Co.) Zimmern looks into the camera as he drives home the Season 2 teaser's main message: "If this doesn't get you hungry, I'm sorry. We've given up all hope for you."

The clip also signals that Season 2 of "Family Dinner" is still very much about family. One of Zimmern's hosts explains why they love to cook: "It brings everybody together. It builds a connection. It makes you happy!" Family Dinner Season 2 premieres December 10, per the Magnolia Network website.