This French Dish Is The First Meal Katie Lee Biegel Cooked For Her Husband

You may know Katie Lee Biegel as a Food Network star and co-host of cooking show "The Kitchen." Along with her on-screen success, she's authored numerous comfort food cookbooks along with a novel and a column for SELF (via Food Network). However, there's more to Katie than her professional life — she also has a flourishing personal life. In 2018, she married husband Ryan Biegel, a television producer who she met on set of her show "Beach Bites" (via The List). "We did exactly what you're not supposed to do—we met at work," she told Health. "I remember going into a production meeting for the first time and thinking, 'God, that guy is so cute.'"

One thing that may have won Ryan over? Katie's cooking. The chef took to Instagram recently to share a snippet of their life at home and more specifically, the first dish she ever cooked for her hubby. Below is the first meal they shared together, and how you can copy it for yourself.

Ryan Biegel loves Katie's Beef Bourginon

Katie Lee Biegel and her husband, Ryan Biegel, have shared hundreds (if not thousands) of meals together. Many of them have likely been cooked by Katie with love in their kitchen — after all, that's one of the perks of marrying a talented chef. In a recent Instagram post, Katie shared a photo of herself preparing the first thing she ever made for Ryan: Beef Bourginon. She then added that it's "still one of his favorites!"

Her Beef Bourginon recipe isn't a secret, either — you can find it online, via Food Network. Made with a lot of veggies — think carrots, celery, and onions — and a lot of butter, the round roast is served atop a bed of fluffy mashed potatoes. It's received high marks from other home chefs. "This is amazing!" one person commented. "Even my hubby couldn't get enough. Definitely a keeper in our book... Best decision we ever made." Another person said their family is still talking about it. Guess Ryan isn't the only one this dish has won over.