The Truth About Katie Lee's Husband Ryan Biegel

For fans of cooking shows, Katie Lee is a rock star. Lee, who is a co-host on the Food Network series The Kitchen and host of Beach Bites with Katie Lee on the Cooking Channel is also a popular cookbook author and frequent guest on morning show cooking segments.  

In addition to her bestselling cookbooks and delicious television meals, Lee gained notoriety as one half of a high-profile celebrity power couple. Lee was married to real-life rock star, Billy Joel from 2004 to 2010, according to People

Although her marriage to Joel ended in divorce, Lee decided to give love a second chance in 2018 when she married reality television producer, Ryan Biegel, according to Vogue.  

But before he started appearing in public with the celebrity chef, Ryan Biegel was relatively unknown to her fans. So who is the guy who stole Katie Lee's heart and has her gushing in practically every one of her personal photos? Read on to find out everything you need to know about Ryan Biegel. 

Ryan Biegel is a television producer

In the world of reality television, a producer's job is one of the most important. They are responsible for manipulating the plot lines and making sure all of the best camera angles are captured to produce a show that makes audiences want to tune in week after week. And while they need to be creative, a producer also needs to be able to manage the business of the show. They are ultimately responsible for keeping the show's production on schedule and under budget, according to the New York Film Academy

Katie Lee's husband, Ryan Biegel is a television producer with credits on popular reality series including Top Chef and The Real Housewives of New York City, according to E! News. But Biegel got his start in the production business in 2015, as an associate producer on the now-canceled, Best Bars in America. The Esquire Network series followed hosts Sean Patton and Jay Larson as they tried cocktails at some of their favorite watering holes around the country.

Katie Lee's husband has acting credits too

These days, Ryan Biegel prefers to stay out of the spotlight, choosing to maintain his place making decisions behind the camera instead. But you may be surprised to learn that before he began his career working as a reality television show producer, Katie Lee's husband spent some time working in front of the camera as well. 

Biegel's resume includes a few acting credits, including small roles in some hit network television sitcoms, according to Reality TV World. He played Doug in three episodes of the Courteney Cox comedy, Cougar Town — including the pilot episode. Biegel also appeared in a 2010 episode of the NBC comedy, Scrubs.

But Biegel's acting credits aren't just limited to the small screen. According to Biegel's bio, he appeared alongside his two brothers as a nightclub goer in the 2001 Farrelly Brothers comedy, Shallow Hal. Biegel was also an extra in the 2003 comedy, Stuck on You, starring Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear. 

Ryan Biegel met Katie Lee on her show

Ryan Biegel's work as a television producer has allowed him to travel around the world and meet lots of interesting people, including the woman who would become his wife. Two years before he popped the question, Biegel met Katie Lee while working as a producer on the first season of her show, Beach Bites, which airs on the Cooking Channel. Lee took notice of her handsome new co-worker right away. "I remember going into a production meeting for the first time and thinking, 'God, that guy is so cute,'" Lee told Health. 

According to the Health interview, the couple began to get close as they spent time traveling together to all of the beautiful beach locations for the show. But as Lee told Vogue, the pair spent time a lot of time really getting to know each other while the show was on location at a beach in Punta Mita, Mexico. And it wasn't long before they realized that their relationship was evolving into something more than just a professional one. 

Katie Lee's husband is a romantic

Not much is known about Ryan Biegel, but there is plenty of proof that the television producer is just as charming as he is handsome. According to E! News, Biegel created a swoon-worthy moment when he proposed to the celebrity chef while the two were vacationing together in Paris in March of 2018. 

"We're on the trip, like I kind of thought, 'Listen we're in Paris and we're taking the Orient Express to Venice. If he doesn't propose on this trip, he'll really miss a great opportunity.'" Lee told People. Luckily, Biegel didn't let the moment go to waste, and seized the romantic opportunity instead.

And if a Paris proposal wasn't romantic enough, Lee and Biegel exchanged their vows at a private outdoor wedding ceremony in front of approximately 40 family members and friends, including Nate Berkus, at the Lo Scoglio da Tommaso hotel on Italy's Amalfi Coast. Biegel and Lee were the first couple to be married there, as Lee told Vogue. Biegel's brother officiated the intimate ceremony, and the couple recited vows they wrote. 

Lee told Vogue that in addition to professing his love for her, Biegel promised to give his new bride a daily foot massage. If that's not romantic, we don't know what is!

Ryan Biegel grew up in Florida

These days, Ryan Biegel calls New York City home, where he lives in the West Village with his wife Katie Lee. But the actor and television producer was born and raised in the Sunshine State. Biegel grew up in Sarasota with his father Pete, a retired banker and his mother Alice, who taught in the Sarasota County school system for over 30 years, according to the Herald Tribune. Ryan has two older brothers, Kevin and Rob, as well as a sister, Nicole. 

When it came time for college, the producer stayed in the state, earning a bachelor's degree in 2004 from Florida State University. 

Today, the Biegel brothers have all moved away from Sarasota, but their childhood home still has a place in their hearts. Kevin Biegel created the town of Gulf Haven, which was supposed to be located near Sarasota for his comedy series, Cougar Town, which starred Courteney Cox and Busy Phillips. His FOX military series, Enlisted was set at the fictional Fort McGee in the fictional town of Sea Cord in the Sarasota area as well, according to the Herald Tribune.

Ryan Biegel's brothers are in the business

For the Biegel family, television is truly a family affair. Brothers Kevin, Rob, and Ryan have all found careers in different aspects of the entertainment industry, and even manage to work together when they can. And when they get together, it's often just like old times. "We're very adult and all have careers, but at the drop of a hat when we're together, we're like teenagers again, beating up on each other, and then we can switch and get really serious again," Kevin Biegel told the Herald Tribune.  

Ryan, who is the youngest Biegel brother has worked as a reality series producer since 2015. Middle Biegel brother Rob's entertainment bio includes production credits on films including Shallow Hal and Stuck on You. The oldest brother, Kevin Biegel, has made a name for himself in Hollywood as well. He has worked as a writer and producer on NBC's hospital comedy Scrubs and is one of the co-creators of Cougar Town — which aired for six seasons on ABC and TBS – according to Deadline

Ryan Biegel's relationship with his brothers inspired a comedy series

If you've ever wondered what things are like between Ryan Biegel and his brothers, look no further than the FOX series, Enlisted. The similarities between the Biegel brothers and the fictional Hill brothers is no coincidence. Kevin, the oldest of Ryan Biegel's brothers, served as executive producer of the show which ran for just one season.

The single-camera comedy series centered around three relationship between brothers, Pete, Derrick, and Randy Hill who were serving in the Army's Rear Detachment unit. Though he and his brothers never served in the military in any capacity, the Biegel brother's relationship had a major influence on the way the main characters were written. The lead characters are based on each of the Biegel brother's personalities. And the plot lines of the series were inspired by the brother's personal experiences growing up with his brothers in Florida   

"I had these tense relationships with my brothers and it always seemed like a cool thing to write to because in the turn of a dime, we can go from being incredibly juvenile, with the mentality of a 15-year-old, to being really serious and dealing with some really heavy stuff," as Kevin Biegel told The Hollywood Reporter.

Katie Lee's husband loves food as much as she does

When you marry a chef you can practically guarantee that you're going to have a lifetime of good eating ahead of you. Ryan Biegel hit the food jackpot when he and cookbook author and Food Network personality Katie Lee said, "I do." And although she may be the expert, Biegel loves a good meal just as much as his wife does. Lee has noted that she and her husband bonded over their mutual love of food. "That's really what brought us together and that's what we enjoy the most," Lee said in an interview with People

The couple is not shy about sharing the details of some of their decadent meals with friends and fans, including a romantic dinner of chicken and duck fat potatoes in Paris to celebrate their engagement. But although Biegel's Instagram account has tons of photos of he and Lee indulging in picture perfect meals at restaurants all over the world, the pair prefers to eat in the comfort of their own home. Lee recently told Health that the island in their kitchen is the couple's favorite place to share a meal. 

Katie Lee's husband loves her dog Gus

Fans may not know exactly how Katie Lee decided that Ryan Biegel was her soulmate. But one sure sign that the two are a perfect pair is that Ryan has a great relationship with one of Katie's best friends — her dog, Gus. Gus is a Shih Tzu and Chihuahua mix that Lee adopted after the loss of her pug, Vanilla. 

According to Pet Lifestyles Magazine, Lee attended an adoption event at the North Shore Animal League in New York at the advice of her friend Beth Stern, wife of radio shock jock Howard Stern and dedicated animal lover. Stern convinced Lee that bringing a new dog into her life would help her deal with the pain of losing Vanilla. 

Biegel and Gus hit it off instantly and the two share a special bond. Biegel even helped Lee choose the new dog's name. The pair are often seen hanging out together on Biegel's Instagram feed. And although Gus didn't make the trip to Italy for Lee and Biegel's wedding, Pet Lifestyles Magazine reported that the couple used a pillow with their pup's face on it to carry the rings down the aisle.

Ryan Biegel likes to hike

When he's not producing television shows or sharing delicious meals with his love Katie Lee, Ryan Biegel is often out enjoying all that nature has to offer. The producer is a big fan of the great outdoors.The solitude he finds in nature is the perfect contrast to the usual fast pace that is common in the television industry. Biegel's Instagram feed is loaded with his photos of beautiful blue skies, breathtaking sunsets, and shots he's taken while hiking along beautifully scenic California trails. Biegel and Lee's dog Gus is usually by his side to soak up some sun for himself. 

One of Biegel's most stunning Instagram posts was a photo of himself at the conclusion of a 9-hour, 20-mile trek to the top of the San Gorgonio Mountain. The mountain is located in San Bernardino County, California near popular resort location, Big Bear Lake. The San Gorgonio Mountain's peak sits at over 11,000 feet, making it the highest peak in Southern California, according to the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service. Apparently, Katie Lee's husband isn't afraid of a challenge. 

Katie Lee's net worth is higher than Ryan Biegel's

Biegel has made a name for himself as a producer, writer, and actor. Despite his apparently thriving career, it's not clear how much he's financially worth, with estimates ranging from a few hundred thousand to over $2 million.

Popular Bio estimated that Biegel's net worth could be as high as $3 million due to his multiple production jobs with hit reality programs like "Top Chef" and acting roles on popular shows like "Cougar Town." Famous Chefs estimated that it was around $600,000, while his salary was calculated to be under $70,000 a year.

Whatever his actual income, it seems safe to conclude that Biegel's celebrity chef wife is the breadwinner in their household. Lee's net worth is estimated at around $10 million, thanks in part to her impressive resume as a chef, co-host of "The Kitchen," and writer. Money Inc concluded that Lee could have made around $100,000 from her book deals and thousands of dollars per episode of her show, given that big-time celebrities like Gordon Ramsay can earn $225,000 an episode. Lee also sold her previous home with ex-husband, Billy Joel, for $11.65 million (via Curbed), sold another property, and made over $1.4 million in profit (via Daily Mail).

He produced Netflix series Somebody Feed Phil

Biegel has helped produce quite a few reality TV shows over the last decade. Some of his biggest hits have included "Best Bars in America," "United Shades of America," "Expedition Unknown," and even "The Real Housewives of New York." However, his latest production adventure has been the hit Netflix documentary series, "Somebody Feed Phil" (via IMDb).

"Somebody Feed Phil" stars Phil Rosenthal, known for creating the Emmy-winning TV show "Everybody Loves Raymond." As a self-proclaimed foodie, he launched his first food-centered docuseries, "I'll Have What Phil's Having," in 2015 (via PBS).

First released in 2018, "Somebody Feed Phil" chronicles Rosenthal's trips around the world, exploring different traditions and cuisines in places such as Seoul, Helsinki, and Madrid. The show has been nominated for two Emmys (via IMDb) and was renewed for a sixth season in 2022 (via Variety). Even though Biegel only produced two episodes, it's still an impressive resume-booster (via IMDb).