This Breakfast Hack TikTok Has People So Confused

With more than 2.6 billion global downloads, it's safe to say that TikTok has taken the social media world by storm. The platform has become a space for people to show off their dancing skills, comedic genius, and unique recipes, many of which often go viral amongst its users and beyond. TikTok has also become a hub for intriguing life hacks, though not every trick leaves viewers in awe. Take this recent TikTok video from the user @joshandlisa, for example.

The short clip shows a woman, presumably Lisa, demonstrating a clever breakfast hack that will help you make "pancakes for your whole fam." In the footage, she can be seen pouring pancake batter onto a baking sheet, on which she has already cracked three eggs that are each covered with a small glass Pyrex bowl. After meticulously distributing the batter around the eggs, she then adds chocolate chips to one-third of the tray and blueberries to another, but leaves the final portion free of toppings. "For the boring plain-Jane people," she jokes, before popping the completed tray into the oven. 

The video then cuts to Lisa pulling the tray out of the oven — but not before she asks the person filming her to grab a plate out of the cupboard. That's when this TikTok starts to get a little strange.

There's WHAT in the cupboard?

In the final few seconds of this TikTok, we see Lisa pull her baking sheet out of the oven to show that both the pancakes and eggs have been cooked simultaneously. We have to admit that this is a pretty cool trick that we'll certainly use when we have to feed a large group. However, an odd moment in the video has many TikTokers overlooking its ingenuity. 

Remember when Lisa asked the person filming her to get her plate? Well, the videographer happily obliged and can be seen opening up the nearest cupboard to grab a dish — where she also found a full pack of Smithfield Thick Cut bacon as well. "You have bacon in your cupboard," she says with some confusion, though Lisa never comments on the odd finding in the video.

It should go without saying that bacon should not be kept in a kitchen cabinet (it needs to be refrigerated or frozen), which is why many of the TikTok's 420,000-plus viewers were confused by the bacon's odd storage spot in the video. "So no one's gonna question why there is bacon in the cupboard?!" one person wrote in the comments section, but rest assured, many others did as well. "Do u usually keep bacon in the cupboard?" another user asked. A third demanded an explanation from @joshandlisa, though they have yet to address the topic at all. As for now, it looks like this cupboard bacon is going to remain a mystery that will leave many scratching their heads for days to come.