Aldi Shoppers Are Obsessed With These Advent Calendar Candles

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and the clock is ticking as we get closer and closer to Christmas Day. For those who love to celebrate the approaching holiday all season long, the most fun thing to do is to buy an advent calendar. Why? Each day, you can take a moment to recognize that you're one day closer to the joy and comforts of Christmas by enjoying a small treat. The advent calendar, which was introduced in the U.S. after World War II and has only grown in popularity since, now comes in many shapes and sizes and may include a piece of chocolate, candy, cheese, art, or another joy-sparking item to commemorate every day of the season (via Vox).

Aldi just stocked up on its advent calendars, and fans are getting excited about the store's more non-traditional options. Aldi posted all of the options on its website, and they range from pet-friendly offerings for your furry friends to adult advent calendars featuring wine and beer. Some shoppers, however, are obsessed with another, non-edible option: candle advent calendars.

Fans celebrate the return of Aldi's advent calendar candles

Advent calendar candles at Aldi are in stock and ready to fill your home with the spirit and scents of the season. The Instagram account @aldifavoritefinds shared photos of the goods in all their festive fragrances, which come in peppermint bark, white balsam and cedar, and spice cake. The label on each jar features an advent calendar that starts on December 1, counting back the days from 25 to one on Christmas Day. The 18-ounce candles are soy-based and priced at $4.99, per Aldi's website.

Aldi fans were excited in the Instagram comments, especially about the spice cake scent. User celebrated the return of the advent calendar candles, saying they were so excited to see them back this year. Lots of shoppers tagged their friends to express that they needed the products ASAP. The candles are currently in stock at Aldi stores in limited supply, so if they bring a smile to your face, you should definitely head to your nearest location and grab one while they're still available.