Your Kids Will Flip For This New PJ Masks Cereal

Lately, you might have seen news about classic cartoons and delicious snack brands partnering up for limited-edition items, like Oreo and Pokémon teaming up to make cookies with beloved characters on them. Well, there's another cartoon-themed product coming your way, and this time, it's something that your kids will love.

General Mills recently announced a new PJ Masks cereal that's inspired by the children's cartoon where a group of friends turns into superheroes at night. Yet, the best part of this new PJ Masks cereal might not even be the cereal itself. In the press release sent to Mashed, General Mills wrote, "Pop off the on-box masks for the full superhero experience."

While the front of the cereal box only shows characters from the show, this makes it sounds like the back of the box might have some fun interactive elements. Wearing a superhero mask and eating superhero-themed cereal is definitely a way to get your kids excited and out of bed before school.

What flavor is the new PJ Masks cereal?

According to the press release received from General Mills and what's on the cereal box itself, this new PJ Masks cereal is a Midnight Berry flavor, and the cereal also has colorful marshmallows sprinkled in. If you enjoy cereals like Cap'n Crunch Oops! All Berries, this one's for you. This sweet breakfast is sure to get your kids going in the morning, and they'll love the cartoon theme. You can even watch "PJ Masks" while eating this cereal for a fun snack.

General Mills' press release states that the PJ Masks Midnight Berry cereal will be available for purchase starting in mid-November, so you can start looking in stores now. However, it will only be in select locations for now, but will be in stores nationwide starting January 2022. While you're out looking for PJ Masks cereal, keep an eye out for some other seasonal cereal flavors, like Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch.