Chuck E. Cheese's Glittery New Treats Are Perfect For Winter

Every year around the holidays, we're looking for delicious seasonal desserts to try. For anyone who likes to bake, we've rounded up some of the desserts that will keep you warm all winter, but we're always keeping an eye out for new seasonal snacks in grocery stores and restaurants. For example, Whole Foods fans are excited for this hot cocoa ice cream sandwich to hit the frozen aisle, and Trader Joe's customers are freaking out about the return of the Jingle Jangle snack mix, which is filled with chocolate-covered goodies.

And it turns out, Chuck E. Cheese is also rolling out two new winter-themed items. According to QSR, the chain has been customizing its menu to suit different times of the year as part of its 4 Seasons of Fun. Living up to that fun name, Chuck E. Cheese is offering treats covered in glittery blue sprinkles. While adults might not be going out to eat at Chuck E. Cheese on their own, parents can take their kids for some fun and games during winter break. And they'll probably be thrilled to see these cheerful treats. For a limited time, there's a chance to try out Chuck E. Cheese's Frosted Churro Bites and Winter Iced Brownie.

What to know about Chuck E. Cheese's winter desserts

The blue sprinkles on the Chuck E. Cheese's Frosted Churro Bites aren't just for show. According to the menu description on the Chuck E. Cheese website, these are "blue raspberry sugar churros topped with icing!" This might sound similar to a treat that's already on the menu since the company's Unicorn Churros, which the website explains are also dipped in blue raspberry sugar (along with cotton candy and sour apple sugar). But what makes it special is that these churros come with icing!

The other dessert item that's here for the season is the Winter Iced Brownie, which is topped with icing and a variety of blue sprinkles. Chuck E. Cheese's website does say that these two desserts are only available at participating locations. So, unfortunately, you might not be able to find them everywhere. However, there are still plenty of other options on the menu, and we've ranked the food so you know exactly what to order.