27% Said This Was Their Favorite Side Dish To Make For Thanksgiving

If your motto for Thanksgiving dinner is something like "come for the turkey, stay for the side dishes," there's likely that one food that you load up your plate with. From the fluffy mashed potatoes covered in gravy to the homemade herbed stuffing to the creamy green bean casserole, everyone has their own favorite side dish. But according to a YouGov survey, some are more popular than others. More than half of Americans love stuffing the most, followed by mashed potatoes. Sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and bread or rolls were all in the top five, as well.

Of course, the dish you love to eat might be different than the dish you love to make. (After all, who actually likes the responsibility of roasting the turkey?!) To find out which side dish is seen as the best to prepare on Thanksgiving, Mashed polled 602 people in the U.S. After totaling the results, there was one side that more than a quarter of respondents dubbed their favorite to make. Do you agree with their choice?

Homemade stuffing is the most popular side dish to prepare

Preparing a Thanksgiving dinner requires you to whip up a bunch of side dishes to complement the turkey, but in the eyes of the home chef, not all of them are created equal. According to Mashed's poll results, stuffing was most people's favorite side dish to make, with 27.41% of respondents choosing it. There are so many varieties and interesting twists on the traditional dish. You can make it from scratch — with bread crumbs you dried yourself — or use a pre-packaged box mix. Or, you can copy famous chefs and add in unique ingredients, such as apples and cranberries, mushrooms, or even pepperoni (via Insider).

As for how the other common Thanksgiving side dishes stacked up? Mashed potatoes were a close second, with 23.92% of the votes, followed by green bean casserole with 15.61%. Macaroni and cheese garnered 12.29% of respondents' votes, while cranberry sauce and yams earned 9.80% and 7.48% respectively. Last place went to Brussels sprouts, which apparently is the least favorite Thanksgiving side dish to make — only 3.49% of people like preparing it.