42% Agree This Is The Best Brand Of Packaged Stuffing For Thanksgiving

Come for the turkey, stay for the side dishes. That's what many people find to be true on Thanksgiving, when you pull up to the dinner table only to realize that the mouthwatering spread of casseroles, veggies, breads, and assorted other complementary treats is more enticing than the turkey. What do you load up your plate with? Maybe it's mashed potatoes drowning in gravy. Maybe it's a hot buttery roll with melted butter. Maybe it's a few slices of cranberry sauce (which, by the way, is one of America's least favorite Thanksgiving side dishes, according to a 2021 Instacart survey). Or maybe, if you're like 79% of people who dubbed it the winner in Today's Sidesgiving challenge, it's a hearty helping of stuffing.

There are a lot of ways to prepare stuffing — or dressing, if you live in the South. You can make it from scratch, tossing in everything from cranberries to sage to bacon bits. Or you can cut out some of the hard work and make it from a box mix. But which brand of packaged stuffing is the best? Mashed polled more than 600 people across the country to find out which one reigns supreme this Turkey Day.

People love Pepperidge Farm stuffing

Walk into your local grocery store and you'll find there are plenty of packaged stuffing brands to choose from. However, according to Mashed's poll results, there's one that's a clear favorite among Americans: Pepperidge Farm. The brand famous for its bread, cookies, and Goldfish also makes a killer stuffing mix, customers say. Pepperidge Farm offers four savory flavors of stuffing for your Thanksgiving dinner: country style (which includes white and wheat bread cubes), sage and onion, herb seasoned, and cornbread. You can also choose between two styles: cubed stuffing or classic stuffing, depending on your preference.

How did the other brands of packaged stuffing compare? Stove Top came in second place, earning 31.63% of the votes, followed by Kraft with 10.05%. Some 8.57% of people chose Walmart's 365 Everyday Value as their favorite, while 5.27% dubbed Arrowhead Mills the best. Last place went to popular sandwich bread brand Arnold, which only received a little over 1.98% of the votes.