Your Favorite Food Brands Are Selling Ugly Sweaters For The Holidays

Ugly holiday sweaters are one of those things you aren't sure whether to love or hate. While CNN reports that donning holiday-themed sweaters began as early as the 1950s, it wasn't until the early 2000s in British Columbia that the first large gathering of people showing up in such intentionally audacious attire took place. Holiday events themed around these potent pullovers have remained a staple ever since, and during the festivities, it's not uncommon to see brightly colored get-ups on friends or co-workers that make you both laugh and cringe at the same time. The trend has grown so exponentially over the past few decades that many different companies have joined in, creating their own ugly holiday sweaters for consumers as a clever way to advertise via the office holiday party.

And among these sweater-producing companies, we are happy to report, are many of the restaurants and food brands we love. From fleece pullovers featuring fried chicken legs to a knitted taco sprinkled with hot sauce, these unique, culinary-inspired cardigans are sure to make heads turn this holiday season. Check out these ugly sweaters for 2023 featuring some of your favorite food brands.

KFC Holiday Sweater

KFC has come a long way since its inception in 1952. Growing from a single location to a successful chain, offering the original family bucket stuffed full of 15 pieces of chicken and buttermilk biscuits to eventually switching to french fries over potato wedges ... and finally sliding into the holiday season of 2023 with its online merchandise store officially offering KFC-themed ugly sweaters.

That's right. This year, you can show up to the family gathering wearing a beautiful baby blue knit top that retails for $49.95 and comes complete with a KFC drive-through sign, fried drumsticks, and buckets of fries. Your loved ones will get a kick out of the snowmen wearing red-and-white holiday bucket hats and the Christmas tree with mashed-potatoes-and-gravy-bowl ornaments. While you may never have connected KFC with Christmas before, we wonder if you — or the people lucky enough to lay their eyes on you this year — will ever be able to break the connection between the two of them thanks to this epic cozy piece.

Freddy's Festive Sweatsuit

Freddy's, a Wichita, Kansas-based diner-style chain named after World-War II veteran Freddy Simon, is known for its big seasoned burgers and mouthwatering custard shakes served in many exciting flavors ... not for its holiday-themed clothing. At least, not until now. This year stands to change that, however, thanks to some new creative merchandise offered up on the company's site.

Alongside a burger-themed cold weather beanie and fuzzy socks is an incredibly cozy holiday two-piece set up for grabs on Freddy's official apparel store for $68.99. Nothing will make you want to sit in front of a warm fire with a cup of hot chocolate — or, a steaming hot steak burger from the Freddy's kitchen — more than a super-soft sweatsuit covered in cheeseburgers, French fries, and teeny-tiny shakes. The matching holiday set — complete with a heat-inducing holiday sweatshirt top and a pair of deliciously comfortable matching jogger-style bottoms — is available in either black or grey for a limited time, the company reports. Go and snag this lounge-worthy set for that top Freddy's lover in your life while supplies last. 

Chick-Fil-A Festive Fun Knit Sweater

Chick-Fil-A, which opened up its first location in 1967 in Georgia, sells the most fast food chicken in America by a landslide, according to a Statista ranking by systemwide sales. So is it any wonder that the successful franchise has created ugly sweaters for its expansive fan base? This year, you can spread your love for the place that sells your favorite juicy chicken sandwiches, waffle fries, creamy mac and cheese, and delicious lemonade not only with your words ... but with your wardrobe. Cue the Chick-Fil-A Festive Fun Knit Sweater.

At first glance, this cozy knit cardigan put out by the official Chick-Fil-A merchandise shop doesn't appear too ugly — in fact, it actually looks rather stylish with its interesting and decidedly Christmas-like color combination of green and red fabric. But as you look closer, you begin to take note of the subtle food-related touches on the sweater that sells for $60. The snowflakes on the chest are actually waffle fries, the entire right sleeve is covered in everyone's favorite swirly chicken-head logo, and the writing along the bottom reads: "Making a list and chicken it twice." There's a matching cold weather beanie ($22) up for grabs, too. If you buy both, you're sure to have everyone at your party demanding you whip up a version of the chain's spicy chicken sandwich by the end of the evening.

Whataburger 2023 Christmas Sweater

Whataburger, which is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, is unique for its mega-sized and creative burger creations such as the chili cheese burger or the triple meat Whataburger. No one leaves the fast-casual joint still hungry; and now, they can keep the memories of their favorite meaty sandwiches or salty fries fresh by looking at them in the mirror all season long.

The Whataburger 2023 Christmas Sweater (which is available for $49.99 on Whatastore, the restaurant's official online merchandise shop) begins with a bold royal blue base. Snowflakes are then sprinkled about the colored fabric to create that hugely important winter feel — but these delicate falling flakes are hardly the stars of the show. The most eye-catching elements of all are easily the ornaments decorating the front, back, and sides of the sweater, seeing as they all represent popular menu items from the chain. The honey butter chicken biscuit, the patty melt burger, and the original Whataburger are featured alongside tiny striped buckets of french fries and the prominent "W" Whataburger logo. You're sure to make a statement — and some mouths water — by donning this one at the party.

McDonald's Grimace sweater

The giant, smiling, and undeniably adorable blob-like character known as Grimace may have first been introduced as a villain in 1971 by McDonald's, but he has since become one of the most beloved faces representing the fast food chain. And this year, the franchise that produces the famous Big Mac and the savory Egg McMuffin is putting out a new piece of apparel in its online shop featuring everyone's favorite purple mascot.

Beginning on the first of December, an eye-catching sweater featuring a Santa-hat clad Grimace will be available for $65 through Golden Arches Unlimited, McDonald's official apparel store. You're sure to bring all the cheer to the holiday party when you arrive in a get-up that can't help but bring a smile to the faces of all who see it. Complete with decorative, dainty snowflakes, tiny white soft drink cups, lined-up golden arches, and — of course — the ever-joyful face of the beloved plum character, this sweater makes for an unforgettable addition to any holiday wardrobe.

Olive Garden Season's Gratings holiday sweater

In a world where take-out and fast food are increasingly becoming the norm, Olive Garden has managed to maintain its sit-down restaurant status — and successfully, at that. The company reports that it is the top Italian-style restaurant in the U.S., with almost 900 locations under its belt. If you consider yourself one of the many people whose mouths water at the thought of Olive Garden's signature bread sticks, salads, chicken alfredo, or shrimp scampi dishes, then rush to the company's website come November 20. Why, you ask? Because on that day, an awesome holiday sweatshirt themed after your favorite sit-down restaurant chain will be dropping (along with the chain's other holiday merch) — and we anticipate it going quick.

That's because, as far as ugly sweaters go, Olive Garden's 2023 take, priced at $47, is a pretty appealing one. The fabric blend of the thick, cozy-looking sweatshirt is a dark forest green — reminiscent of a Christmas tree. Outlined in white on the front is an Olive Garden storefront, complete with gently falling snow. At least, it appears to be snow at first glance. Upon further inspection, you notice the detail that really makes the clothing piece a winner: a Parmesan grater raining cheese down upon the restaurant's roof. At the bottom of the illustration reads the message in scripted letters: Seasons Gratings. We give this one an A+ for creativity.

Taco Bell Christmas Sweater

The Taco Bell Taco Shop is the official online store for all things Taco Bell lovers need to complete their wardrobe. There are shirts, hats, bags ... even a sauce packet-themed garter for weddings. The Mexican-food inspired chain, which is 7,865 locations strong as of 2023, has certainly invested in its merchandise collection — so we aren't too surprised at the Taco Bell-themed ugly sweater proudly displayed on the website and ready to purchase for the upcoming holiday season.

Buyers have the opportunity to attend holiday-related events this year in saucy style with this simply named Taco Bell Christmas Sweater that sells for $47. The green pullover knit is quite traditional-looking at first glance with its classic colors and overall design, but instead of trees, ornaments, and snowmen, the fabric is sprinkled with hot sauce packets and flames. The chest piece is, naturally, a gigantic taco — the chain's namesake and claim to fame. All in all, the piece's design is a mouthwatering one ... and successfully convincing of the fact that having one hanging in our closet is what we need to embody the brand's upscale Live Más slogan this holiday season.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Ugly Sweater

Cinnamon Toast Crunch, a brand produced by General Mills, is one of the nation's most popular breakfast cereals. Why? Because it is indisputably delicious. There's nothing quite as satisfying as a bowl of crunchy bite-sized squares sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and drenched in milk ... except for maybe a Cinnamon Toast Crunch gingerbread house.

This season, General Mills has released a very special Cin-Gerbread Toast Crunch House Kit for $39.99 on the official Cinnamon Toast Crunch merchandise website. The adorable pack comes with a limited-edition box of Gingerbread Toast Crunch cereal (a holiday-forward take on the original recipe), a gingerbread-house making kit, Betty Crocker Cinnamon Toast Crunch icing, Cinnadust seasoning, and the best part: a bright purple ugly sweater to wear during the construction process. The sweater's design takes after the front of the Gingerbread Toast Crunch box, complete with two little crunchy characters hard at work frosting their edible home. Honestly, the whole thing is so cute it makes us want to host our very own gingerbread house-making party — just as an excuse to buy a whole bunch of these festive cereal sweaters.

Coca-Cola Polar Bear Holiday Sweater

The Coca-Cola polar bear is a truly iconic piece of advertising for the soft drink company. The cuddly white creature first appeared in a print ad for the company in 1922 in France and since has shown up with a bottle of Coke in hand (or paw) on everything from magazines to television commercials to — you guessed it — the newest application of the bunch. Everyone's favorite bear is also featured on an ugly Christmas sweater.

The snuggly, soda-loving mammal conveniently fits in perfectly with the winter holiday season, so the red-and-white sweater, which is already up for grabs for $34.95 via the Coca Cola merchandise store, feels like a natural fit. The pullover displays the brand's iconic polar bear tipping back a classic glass bottle of the soft drink front and center. Behind the fuzzy arctic dweller sits a large red heart with the company's logo and a winter scene complete with snowy peaks and green pine trees. If you fall on the side of Coca-Cola in the long-standing cola wars involving Pepsi, consider grabbing this piece and proudly representing your soft drink team at all the parties this holiday season.

Bud Light Snowflake Sweater

Shop Beer Gear is the official virtual merchandise store for all Anheuser-Busch brands. Using this online treasure trove, you can order clothing, gadgets, and even pet gear featuring all your favorite beers like Michelob Ultra, Natural Light, or Stella Artois, to name a few. One of these brands is Bud Light; and although it has faced its share of controversy this year, it has managed to maintain its standing as one of the most popular beers in the United States, according to Forbes.

If you're one of the loyal Bud Light lovers who has remained undeterred throughout all of the company's ups and downs, the opportunity has come for you to rep the refreshing beer you reach for on a hot day — or, you know, on a cold day, inside by the fire this winter. Two bright blue Bud Light ugly sweaters are currently up for grabs on One for $35.99 features a collection of falling snowflakes and the Bud Light logo on the chest, while the other selling for $48.99 displays the company's recognizable cans sprinkled across the front. If you're looking for a way to support the brand, some good old fashioned wearable advertising may be just the way to do it. 

7-Eleven Storefront Holiday Sweater

7-Eleven, which bills itself as the world's first convenience store, has always stood out for its impressive amount of hot foods like cheeseburgers, meatballs, tacos, and nachos. However, its biggest claim to fame can be found in its ample drinks section: the Slurpee. We can't be the only ones who skipped over to the spinning fountain machines at the back of the store as children, eager to fill our mega-sized cups up with refreshing, icy, sugary goodness — and this year, you can wear that nostalgia on your sleeve.

The 7-Eleven Storefront Holiday Sweater for $55 is a knitted red-and-green beauty featuring a silhouetted 7-Eleven store. "Season's Eatings," reads the writing atop the roof, while flying over the building is a certain someone with a sleigh and a whole crew of reindeer. All in all, the scene featured on this ugly sweater is a strangely inviting one that will make you and everyone else inexplicably crave a Slurpee, a loaded Big Bite Hot Dog, or a Big Gulp. Well done, 7-Eleven — we see what you did there.

M&M's Holiday Sweater Vest

If the idea of donning another standard ugly sweater for the party this year is boring you, head on over to the M&M's online merchandise shop for something a little bit different. Everyone's favorite chocolatey bite-sized candies are being featured on an officially licensed — and officially adorable — button-up sweater vest for $39.99.

This brightly colored, visually appealing piece subtly includes different-colored M&M's as part of the holiday-themed images littering the front of the cardigan vest like sprinkles. A red M&M becomes the berry in the center of a sprig of mistletoe, a green one is turned into the knot of a bow on a present, and the yellow one is transformed into the center of a snowflake as well as the center of another bow on a candy cane. Along with its pleasant touches of rainbow plaid and its unique sleeveless design, the piece is sure to make you stand out and bring smiles to the faces of those around you just as — we can't help but point out — the M&M candies always manage to do themselves.

Oreo Milk Dunk Ugly Christmas Sweater

Oreo cookies have been around since 1912 — that is well over a hundred years of spreading chocolate-and-creme-filling-infused love with the world. There's plenty that consumers already know about the brand, like the fact that its sandwich-style cookies are vegan and that a seeming endless number of flavors had been produced and sold in stores everywhere. But allow us to add one fact regarding the all-star cookies that you maybe weren't aware of: Its collection of merchandise includes an ugly sweater.

There is nothing subtle about the Oreo Milk Dunk Ugly Christmas Sweater, which retails for $52.99. The design is bold, with bright blue undertones and lots of black-and-white cookies sprinkling the front and sleeves of the piece. The largest of the cookies is featured on the chest and appears to be falling into what is clearly intended to be milk — but is cleverly made to look like accumulated snow thanks to the illustrated flakes falling all around. We are finding ourselves craving some Double Stuf Oreos right about now.

Heinz Holiday Sweater

While Heinz is best known for its ketchup, the company also offers a variety of additional sauces such as mustard, barbecue sauce, squeezable relish, and even Kranch — a creative mixture of ketchup and ranch dressing in a bottle. Since the company has been around since 1869, it has become perhaps the most well-established provider for the beloved spreads we so happily squeeze onto our plates next to our french fries.

And since we often share our burgers and shoe-string potato sides with friends and family, there's some sense of community that seems to surround Heinz. We're often laughing or smiling as we pass a bottle of its ketchup around the table, creating a sort of positive association with the company itself. That's why the holiday sweater up for grabs on the Heinz website pulls us in so warmly. Sure, it's a red-and-tan pullover creatively assembled with tiny bottles of sauces, but it's a piece entirely representative of the season we are in — the season of togetherness. Note that the Heinz merch site reads that stock is running low on this item; hurry up and grab one for $39.99 as a Christmas gift to yourself or someone you love and embrace the spirit of the holiday season. 

Rao's Homemade holiday loungewear

It's hard to find anyone who hasn't tasted a bowl of spaghetti or a penne casserole that features of one of Rao's Homemade sauces. From marinaras to alfredos to pizza sauces, Rao's dominates the pasta sauce industry, bringing flavor to Italian-themed dishes in homes everywhere. Perhaps it's this contribution to cozy home-cooking that has inspired the company's creation of some very special holiday-themed lounge wear this season — a set perfectly suited for snuggling next to your special someone.

A deep red, silky-smooth velour tracksuit featuring some bedazzled lettering on the back of both the hooded top and slick bottoms will be up for grabs this December — and there are two ways to snag it before Christmas. One is by entering the company's promotional holiday giveaway series via its Instagram page and attempting to become one of the lucky select few destined to win the snug and sleek tracksuit on December 11. For the rest of us non-winners, however, the set will be available for standard purchase on the company's website for $150 starting on December 1 for a limited time. Either way, you're sure to make yourself — and your other half — much cozier in front of the fire this holiday season by sporting one.

White Castle Sweater

White Castle is selling its ugly holiday sweater at a discounted price this year, so you can snag one of these for just $10 plus shipping. Unfortunately, the only sizes available are small and medium, as the chain didn't release a holiday-themed sweater for 2023.

Still, this is a great option for any White Castle aficionados who fit into the smaller sizes or someone planning to attend an ugly sweater party this year who wants to avoid spending too much on something they are unlikely to wear the other 11 months out of the year.