Aarón Sanchez's Adorable Pup Is Melting Hearts On Instagram

Most of us know Aarón Sánchez as a judge on the reality cooking shows "Chopped" and "MasterChef." But the celebrity chef talked to Guild Magazine about his life behind the scenes, and it turns out Sánchez's heart belongs to much more than food. "I'm a huge music lover," he said, "so when I'm home with my girlfriend, we like to spend time with our dogs, and like to entertain guests. I also like to write poetry. I am a Buddhist and always try to be centered and find a way to be in unison with the universe. Love doing that! I also love going to sporting events as I'm a big football and basketball fan. I like doing regular day stuff, and drinking wine!"  Poetry and sports – a man after our own heart!

But really caught our attention was that bit about his dogs. Sánchez, much like his culinary peers Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri, has a soft spot for man's best friend. Recently, his fondness for food and four-legged companions featured in an incredibly cute social media post with an endearing caption. In it, he shared a photo of his precious pup, and if you love dogs, it is going to melt your heart.

Sánchez's dog is so cute, people could just eat him up

Aarón Sánchez took to Instagram and Facebook to share the most adorable pic of his dog, Moose, all curled up on the couch. He even compares his sweet boy to a Mexican sweet bread roll and points out how Moose almost matches the color of the couch he's chilling on. Sánchez captioned the photo, "Moose trying to camouflage himself in the couch. He looks like a concha." He does indeed.

Moose definitely looks like a sweetie-pie – or rather a sweetie-bread roll. The post has received over 1,000 likes on Instagram, over 6,000 likes on Facebook, and a lot of gushing comments. One of Sánchez's Instagram followers wrote, "Awww .... 'conchita'!! He's cold." Keeping with the food theme, some joked, "Don't eat him! What a cute concha!" But some of Sánchez's Facebook fans seemed less interested in how adorably food-like Moose looked than in how to help him get warm. As one commenter put it, "So cute, poor little guy is cold, needs a blanket."