How Jurgen Krauss Really Feels About His GBBO Elimination

On just about every season of "The Great British Bake Off," there seems to be a contestant or two who appears to make it by the skin of their teeth, week after week, doing just enough to avoid coming in at the very bottom. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there's also often a contestant who is unexpectedly eliminated when many assume they were practically a shoe-in for winning it all — in the latest season of the show, that contestant was the lovable Jürgen Krauss.

As The Guardian reported, Krauss managed to snag the coveted honor of "Star Baker" three times over the course of the season — no small feat in the competitive culinary competition. His appeal was so widespread in the U.K. in particular that The Observer included him on their list of "Faces of the Year," which Krauss shared on his Instagram page, to the delight of his 154,000 followers.

When the German baker was eliminated during the semi-finals, fans were so upset that they even wrote in to the show, with over a hundred complaints pouring in from viewers who couldn't stand to see Krauss go. But, how did Krauss himself feel about just missing nabbing that final spot, and the title of winner for his season? It turns out, he's handling the whole situation a lot better than many of his upset fans.

Krauss shared his thoughts on the big elimination

Jürgen Krauss revealed to The Guardian that, though he was sad to leave the show, he wasn't upset at how things turned out. "I am in a happy place. I've got over not being in the final. It's just one episode I missed, just one. And I know a lot of exciting things are coming my way and people are watching what I'm going to do next — and that's pretty amazing," he told the publication, also noting he was taken aback at how emotionally invested fans had become. "I had to make three calls to families with crying kids to comfort them. I have had many direct messages on social media from people who said they just couldn't stop crying," he added.

It seems Krauss' next chapter may come sooner than some fans might have expected, too. A few days ago, Krauss shared a picture of himself on his Instagram page with pen in hand, books spread out in front of him, pairing the snap with a caption soliciting his fans' thoughts on the type of recipes they'd want to see if he wrote a cookbook. Though there weren't any baked goods on the table next to him in the picture, he did have a piece of festive bunting strung up in the background — a GBBO staple.

Fans were thrilled at even the suggestion of a Krauss-created cookbook, and the replies for recipe requests were varied. Many wanted a taste of his German heritage, with one fan requesting "traditional German bakes that we might not know!" Others enjoyed what they saw of his personality so much that they requested a cookbook that also featured family stories, or some type of autobiographical component.

However, it seems that the audience just might buy whatever he decides to write; one fan succinctly said, "Do it all Jurgen. Just do it all!"