GBBO Fans Are Shocked By This Popular Baker's Elimination

There are few shows that are so wildly popular that even just hearing their theme song can send fans into a frenzy or inspire a choreographed dance. Such is the case with the iconic "Great British Bake Off." With the show's 12fth season underway, "GBBO" fans are probably sitting on the edge of their couches, biting their nails and betting on the baker they think is sure to win. Up until last week's elimination, many fans thought the baker most likely to win was Jürgen Krauss.

The last episode saw a great turn of events, including the big reveal of this season's finalists which, much to everyone's disappointment, did not include the 56-year-old physicist. Per People, although Krauss got stellar feedback for his showstopper during the last Pâtisserie Week and even came first in the technical challenge, it was the presentation of his layered opera cake that led to his elimination.

Paul Hollywood confessed that this elimination, which decided the finalists who are set to compete on November 26, was very difficult: "We're picking the worst of the best." According to Prue Leith, "You could argue for any one of these. It's really hard." Despite these acknowledgments, fans are extremely upset with the decision and have flooded the show's Twitter and Instagram pages with praise for Krauss and complaints about his departure. "Absolutely devastated for Jurgen, he is my [favorite]," lamented a viewer on Instagram. Another Krauss supporter tweeted, "my winner, we love you Jürgen."

GBBO fans are questioning the judge's decision

Since exiting "The Great British Bakeoff," Jürgen Krauss has written a heartfelt note to all his fans thanking them for their support (via Twitter). But he also told "Extra Slice" host Jo Brand that he felt "relieved" to not have made it to the grand finale (via Metro). Regardless of this and insistence that the other contestants were more deserving, "GBBO" viewers are upset and shocked over Krauss's elimination and are questioning Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith's decision.

Instagram users accused the judges of booting the best baker of the lot from the show. One upset fan wondered, "How do you get 1st on the technical and then go home? #nofaith."  "How and why do you send the best baker home?" another demanded to know. "Maddness!!" A different commenter claimed that Paul Hollywood had been particularly hard on Krauss despite his cakes tasting great and other contestants' bakes being quite messy in appearance. Some believed Hollywood was outright biased against Krauss. 

Many viewers even suggested that they weren't going to bother watching the finale after Krauss — who they thought was the true winner — was eliminated, insisting that Krauss had been "robbed" of his spot in the final week. Regardless, it seems like there is no going back on Hollywood and Leith's brutal decision. But one thing is clear: Krauss has won the hearts of all "GBBO" fans around the world.