This Today Show Host's Reaction To Cardi B's Alcoholic Whipped Cream Is So Relatable

Earlier this year, we found out that Cardi B was releasing a boozy whipped cream, and now, it's available for purchase. Today show hosts Jenna Bush Hager and Willie Geist recently got the chance to sample Cardi B's Whipshots, and the results were hilarious. Although Geist kept a straight face as he ate his spoonful of the boozy whipped cream, after he finished, he said, "Oh, they've got vodka in it. That's why it tastes different." Then, he squeezed the whipped cream right into his mouth, which as any whipped cream lover knows, is the best way to maximize your whipped cream intake. 

Geist said the whipped cream was "tasty" and had "a kick." While this boozy whipped cream is a delight for adults, it does look like a regular whipped cream bottle, just a little fancier. Geist's reaction shows that it's easy to mistake this for normal whipped cream, so make sure you remember to keep this away from your kids!

Cardi B's Whipshots pack a punch

According to Forbes, Cardi B is working with entrepreneur Ross Sklar and StarCo Brands to create Whipshots, her alcohol-infused whipped cream. Whipshots come in three flavors: mocha, caramel, and vanilla. All three whipped cream flavors are infused with vodka, and Forbes notes that the product has a 10% vodka content.

If you're looking to buy some Whipshots, visit the website — which also features a very Cardi B video. Food Network explains that every day in December, there will be 500 cans of whipped cream for purchase during the "Whip Drop." Beginning in 2022, you can find these cans in stores across the country, so don't worry if they're sold out online.

If you want a fun way to add a little extra kick to your desserts or ice cream sundaes, then add a dollop of Cardi B's Whipshots. And if you want to enjoy this boozy whipped cream like Cardi B herself, Billboard reports that the star's favorite way to indulge in her whipped cream is to use it to top off eggnog!